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Twitter Streak....


Now I am not looking for a reason for the good couple of weeks (Since US Open)...

Murray's performance has clearly upped and the backhand is looking more and more like an aggressive weapon. (Work has been put in and Murray is clearly showing a good mix between aggressive tennis and defence now. (More then I have ever seen since following Andy)

But he got some great advice at SW19 from Major Winner Rory Mcilroy

This is what Rory said after losing at The Masters before his major break through..

I used it as determination I used it as fuel and I mentally felt better and left twitter after that defeat only to comeback when he won. Mcilroy knew that person wasn't him that played that end of the tournament and came back strong.

John Mcenroe also highlighted the fact Murray should leave twitter while standing next to him.....

At the time Murray said he has been given different advice from different people and there  is alot of different ways with dealing with the expectation and he has to do what comes natural and most comfortable with.

I think twitter can be a fantastic tool and a good outlet but I saw first hand the negativity of posts sent after he lost matches this year.

The whole Scottish if you lose British if you win is stupid but it is repeated time and time again when he gets a bad result and people have personally attacked him on there and said things I can't repeat on a public forum.

He seems to have moved away from that avenue and I think the mental side of he's game is showing because of that advice given.

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I think there is no correlation between twitter and Andy's performance.
I also think he probably doesn't read messages directly after a loss, but probably does when he wins. There will be nasty people on there, but Andy's a big boy. I'm hope it's like water off a duck's back.Smile
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There's no such thing as 'water off a duck's back' with Andy! He's a very sensitive guy and he takes things to heart! That's one of the lovely things about him!
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Well this is what the big man had to say to the Daily Record today...

TENNIS sensation Andy Murray has revealed the secret of his unbeaten run ... turning his back on Twitter.

Britain's No1 hasn't tweeted since September 11, the day after he lost his US Open semi-final to Rafael Nadal.

Since then, the Dunblane-born 24-year-old has gone on a breathtaking run, winning his last two tournaments in Thailand and Japan.

He's now in pole position to lift the Shanghai Masters in China for the second year running after reaching today's semis.

The 13-match unbeaten run has also put Murray on the verge of overtaking Roger Federer in the ATP rankings and finishing a season in the world's top three for the first time.

Succeeding His last tweet was a motivational quote from actress Julie Andrews, which said: "Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th".

Yesterday, after beating Australian Matthew Ebden in straight sets in the Shanghai quarter-finals, Murray said: "I'm not missing it.

"It was fun for a while but I just stopped and surprisingly I haven't lost a match since.

"Tennis players and all sportsmen are pretty superstitious, so I blame my US Open loss on tweeting."

Murray, who was one of sport's most prolific tweeters, has a following of more than 600,000 on Twitter.

He also enjoys huge support on other social network sites such as Facebook.

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Dont Twitter just keep winning!!
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Good for Andy.  Whether dropping this habit is indeed a key to his current successful run remains to be seen, but given the amount of time and energy he must have wasted on all these tweets - time and energy which he could have been putting to far better use - then I'm prepared to believe that there is a correlation between the two.

Also reading the negative and clearly sometimes very nasty tweets (and I don't see how he could have ignored them completely) must have had the effect of water constantly dripping onto a stone.  In effect, they were bound to erode his confidence and self-belief whether he was aware of it or not.  Also no wonder his head was often in a muddle if he was trying to take on board all sorts of different advice, however well meant.

Yes, it was fun for a while, but even the best of fun has its limits and it sounds as though Andy's reached that limit quite a while ago.  Let him stick to Facebook and similar sites if he so wishes, especially as he does seem to get a lot of valuable support from them, but that's enough.

I do like that quote from Julie Andrews, by the way - so very true.  
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It would be quite something if the next time he tweeted was on the Sunday evening after (hopefully) winning the OZ Open. It would be almost poetic to have the Julie Andrews tweet preceding it.
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