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US Semi Finals


He "switched gears". If he had been in that gear to start with, then Federer wouldnt have got 2 sets off him. The gear that Djokovic switched up to, was spellbinding. Federer played magnificent, at times he played as well as he did at his peak, but I honestly think Djokovic has raised the bar higher (higher than Federers peak - dont forget Federer had it 'easier' winning tournaments than having Raffa and Djok as opponents, during the 02-07 years).

Raffa was as brutish as ever, like  a machine, but I think Djokovic will win the final ..unless he he gives Raffa an inch, then Raffa could sneak in there. I think Djokovic was expecting an easier ride .. naturally he is never going to imply that he has anything less than the highest of respects for his opponent going into the match.

On the subject of Murray: He looked slow on his feet in the first 2 sets, which is undoubtedy the cause of having played a very heavy match just 24 hours before the start of this one (cos of the weather messing things up). He got a 2nd (1st?) wind in the 3rd set and played some astonishing points ..playing Raffa always draws the best out of him. Every point against Raffa is so absurdly 'full on' that it shows the difference between the two .. I believe that Muzza is playing the best tennis of his Life ..and as a result he reached the stages of getting many more (at least 5 more, from what I can remember) break points ..but couldnt execute them (if he had, and then held serve he'd have had at least one more set off him). At Wimbledon this year, he had those 2 (break points) in the 2nd set. Gauged on this (and several things) he has improved enormously since early July. However at the same time, Raffa has probably improved a bit too.
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