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So who's up for a semi-final spot again Nole or Mikhail?
That other Swiss maestro in 3 (as in 2008) Crying or Very sad ? - 6 (11.3%)
Someone's aiming for the Swiss no.1 position - Stan in 4? - 2 (3.8%)
No Australian Open déjà vu here - Stan takes it in 5? - 0 (0%)
Head hanging, back pulling and yelling aside, Andy takes this in 3? - 13 (24.5%)
Andy keeps Stans hoodoo going by not letting him get any further in 4? - 25 (47.2%)
The critics are poised but Andy hangs tough and fights it out in 5 - semi final here we come!? - 7 (13.2%)
Total Voters: 53

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USO 2013 QF: Murray vs Wawrinka


A positive for Andy having the day match is that there is more recovery time for the semis. The players who played their QFs today get 2 days off before the semis, whereas the players who play their matches tomorrow get only one, and the player who plays the night match gets even less time. So that's one positive aspect.

teejay1, Djokovic is behind Rafa in race points this year. Still he's been the most consistent at the slams in 2013, with Win, Semis, & Finals. Rafa missed the AO and lost in round 1 at Wimbledon and ANdy had to miss the FO. So I think he has earned his #1 spot for as long as it lasts. If he loses tmrw, i think he could lose it if Rafa wins the whole thing. It's probably a matter of time unless he wins the Open. He got to number 1 by winning lots and being consistent; it's not like he's won a bunch of mickey-mouse events.

Yeah ...Im pretty happy with the scheduling for Andy's QF actually. If he can get off the court with a quick win... he'll be in a position to have good energy levels v Djoko... and he'll need that. The recovery timeframe  is far more critical in the latter stages than in early rounds.

Either way... tough match v wawrinka...will be interesting just how much Andy increases his quality of tennis for this one.
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 cmonandy Think positive.  Up and at 'em.  See it.  Do it    cmon yeah  POW!  Best of luck, too.
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Stole this from the ATP website

Murray Highlights:
 • Very solid serving – 77 per cent won on first serves – 64 per cent won on second serves - broken only four times in 14 sets
 • Consistent play - averaging just over six unforced errors per set
 • His forehand is his weapon off the ground (49 winners to just 31 forehand unforced errors)
Wawrinka Highlights:
 • His first serve has been very effective - 41 aces, 78 per cent first serve won, solid second serves – 58 per cent second serve points won
 • His forehand is his weapon from the backcourt (49 winners) but also has been a bit erratic at times (51 forehand unforced errors), and he's won less than half his baseline points.

Stats for the tournament

Andy Murray                                               Stanislas Wawrinka

20                   Aces                                    41
10                   Double Faults                       18
28%                Unreturned Serves                35%
59%                1st Serve %                         55%
77%                1st Serve Points                    78%
64%                2nd Serve Points                   58%
4                     Broken                                 9
17                   Break Points Faced                24
65                   Games Served                      71
94%                Service Games Held              87%
136mph           Fastest Serve                       139mph
77%                Returns In Play                     72%
35%                1st Return Points Won           30%
55%                2nd Return Points Won          51%
21                   Breaks Of Serve                    20
42                   Break Points                          46
50%                Pct. Converted                       43%
64                   Return Games Played             69
33%                Return Games Won %            29%
49                   Forehand Winners                  49
31                   Forehand Unforced Errors       51
31                   Backhand Winners                 36
41                   Backhand Unforced Errors      49
142                 Winners                                170
87                   Unforced Errors                     122
76 of 102         Net Points Won                      72 of 99
75%                Net Points Won %                  73%
52%                Baseline Points Won               49%
48                   Games Lost                           59
2                     Sets Lost                               2
09:25              Time On Court                        10:57
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Stomachs already churning, want so bad for Andy to play well and win tomorrow. I'll be watching at work tomorrow on my iPad. Won't be able to scream and shout, but have a friend from my office who is there and he will be yelling for Andy.
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Just know in your heart Andy you are the defending champ, and you don't have to be nervous, just come with your A game, filled with aces and fantastic returns. We'll all be sending good vibes to you, and Andy may the force be with you from wherever it comes!!!
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I keep telling myself that Andy's game will eventually rise to the occasion to calm my nerves. For the past year or so I've come to realize that Andy has handled himself pretty well when it really mattered and this time I believe will be no different. I'll be shouting and cheering for him in front of my TV early morning here in the Philippines. I'm so excited!
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The stats are all very well but they only give one an idea as they are different depending on who you are playing.  I have found them fairly useful but they do not tell the whole story.  As Fed once said the scoreline does not tell the whole story.
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Got a bad feeling about this one. Probably down to the fact that I'll miss it (unless it's a long one) and I had the same feeling last Wawrinka (and Berdych) match (I missed both).. and Andy lost both in straight sets. Oddly I'd be a lot more confident if I was able to watch it..
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Got a bad feeling about this one. Probably down to the fact that I'll miss it (unless it's a long one) and I had the same feeling last Wawrinka (and Berdych) match (I missed both).. and Andy lost both in straight sets. Oddly I'd be a lot more confident if I was able to watch it..
Matt Cronin on the USO webb site in his picks has Andy beating Stan, so feeling.
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gnome thanks for posting those stats.   I know stats aren't everything but I find them quite encouraging given that we know Andy hasn't been playing his best tennis (apart from in patches and don't let's forget there have been some brilliant patches).  I'm as nervous as hell [no emoticon by public demand] but keep telling myself we must have faith in Andy's ability to raise his game when he needs to.  He knows very well how much Stan has improved this year and I'm sure Dani and Mr L will have done the necessary scouting.  Go Andy Go.  cmon yeah cmon yeah cmon yeah

just checked the weather forecast - part cloudy, 27 (which not TOO hot) and 36% humidity which is lower than the humidity forecast for East Midlands today so I guess ok.   
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Feel a bit jittery over this.
Stan seems so much more solid and mentally strong than he used to be. Also, I remember how he was really in Andy's face one match - I think he knows which buttons to press to rile Andy up. Thanks for the weather update ruthie - that would be good.

Everything's crossed and I'm just concentrating on sending positive vibes to Andy.
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I think we have to have faith in Andy's ability. He might not have played his best yet, but it's not as if he's been poor either. I honestly think he's played more consistently than last year. Today he will have to go up a level, but you could argue the same for Stan. I still think Andy would have beaten Berdych, not that I'm sorry we don't need to know if he would have or not Smile.

I'm nervous, but I always get nervous at the business end of slams. It comes from wanting it so much for Andy, not fearing he can't do it, because he can. As long as he's physically right he's got a chance, a good chance. If it was clay I'd be more worried, but it isn't.

Stan has played well here, but frankly his form since the clay hasn't been great, so you never know. If I had to pick, I'd go for Andy being the one to find his best when he needs it. He's done that more than once over the last year or so.
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I'm nervous because I know Stan has more belief playing Andy than he does against Federer, Nadal or Djokovic. He knows he can beat him, and knows that he's done it here before.

Looking at their head-to-head, so many of their matches have gone the distance - it's definitely one of Andy's toughest matchups outside the big 4. In a way I'd have preferred Berdych as his ball-bashing game is more predictable.

I think Andy will win, but it might not be easy viewing.
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Thanks Bevc for your HtoH  It seems a while since we heard from you

Always been about BB.  My sycophantic tendencies and lack of tennis prowess prevented me from posting Whistle Very Happy

I shall be up for start of match but anything longer than 1 1/2 hours and I'll be on my way to work.  No rest for the wicked eh?

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Good Luck Andy , you will do it , be strong , your the better player  cmon yeah
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