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where, whom did you watch with and what are your memories of andys wimby win


My husband put a bottle of champers in the freezer as Andy came out to serve for the match.  Unfortunately, in all excitement of the win he forgot all about it.  During the night we were both woken up with a bang - we got up and looked around but couldn't find what had caused it so thought it must have come from outside.  The next day I went to get something from the freezer and found that we had a lot of broken glass and a lot of very expensive ice crystals!

Love that story!

I watched with my daughter, my son, his girlfriend and her mother (her father had to work, and Mr E prefers to leave us to it). I was the calm ( but excited) one as I went with my usual plan, based on experience, which is not to worry until Andy is a set and a break down. I'd had my first ever visit to Wimbledon a few days earlier and watched the Verdasco match from the hill - when he'd gone down two sets, but still won, so was feeling strangely confident.

We heard neighbours cheering along with us, we held hands around the room when it got to match point. And held hands again, and again, and again until that amazing last game was over. Then we hugged, celebrated and opened the fizz. Somehow it all seemed completely natural - what it had all been leading up to.

Little did I know that the next day I'd be tapping Andy on the arm, and saying "congratulations" to the man himself. All that is in the "your photos" section.
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Smile This thread was a great read!

I live on my own in Bratislava so I'd gone out the morning of the match to get grocery shopping, sick with nerves - I wasn't going to get a bottle of fizzy in because I'd done the same thing the previous year and he'd lost, and I didn't want to tempt fate - but I couldn't bear not having a cork to pop if he won, so I picked up a bottle of Prosecco from the supermarket, came back home and got on Skype to join my family who were watching back in the UK, as excited as I was about it.  I'd found a stream that was working, but for the majority of the match it was running half a point or so slower than Mum and Dad watching on BBC back home, so I knew when Andy had won or lost a point by whether or not they celebrated.  I spent most of the match praying for them to cheer - which they did INCREDIBLY LOUDLY when he won!

I promptly burst into ugly sobs, and when I'd calmed down a little went to pop open my bottle while Mum and Dad did the same their end - and we all toasted Andy as he collected the cup.  I spent the rest of the day making a celebration cake for my work colleagues (who all congratulated me the next day as they knew I was a fan) and making drunk phonecalls to some understanding friends ... I was a bit ill the next day after polishing off a full bottle of Prosecco on my own but luckily my boss thought it was funny!
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took the family to a city centre bike-ride event in the morning - a helpful distraction, even though it was hard not to think ahead to the final. I spent much of the time calming myself and trying to think of it mainly as a chance for Andy to win his second slam. All the time I was trying to suppress just HOW huge a match it was - but you could not help sometimes thinking that it was a chance to win Wimbledon that might not come again.

There were screens available to watch the match in the city centre in the sun - but for me it was all too serious to watch in a causal way! - so I parked myself in front of a TV at home, letting all the build-up stuff wash over me

As the match started I liked how Andy was approaching it - trading with Novak from the back - sending the message 'I'll be out here all day if needs be'. But I felt it could be for nothing without winning the first set - out  in that brutal heat it felt so crucial. Novak was rightful favourite for the match, but I felt a huge rush of excitement when Andy took the first set - now it felt 50/50, or even slightly more toward an Andy win - GAME ON!

After that great second set, I remember it getting to 30 all at 3-4 down on Andy's serve in the third. This felt pivotal - a break for Novak here near guarantees going to a fourth set. But a hold for Andy would put immense pressure on Novak at 4-4. Nearly jumped for joy when he put a forehand long, then a super Andy pick-up forehand wins it.

Now Andy's got that look he had in the last set of the US Open 2012 i.e. giving it everything - he is clearly going to give it all to get it done in this set. Exciting, but maybe risking energy. The two points he wins mid-game - the overhead runaround and then the incredible pass are exquisite - Novak didn't do a thing wrong on the latter point - hit four excellent shots, but loses the point.

Andy breaks - the commentators hardly say a word - the atmosphere speaks for itself. The most electric moment, serving for Wimbledon!

At 40 love it seems surreal

40-15 - ok, so far just what happened when serving out for the US open

40 -30 -Novak's return feels like a dagger through the the heart, the Pressure on the next point will be unbearable, as its shown by Andy's first serve -  miles out

Then, the two most horrible points to watch, ever. Andy break-point down - the nightmare is on. In retrospect though, worth noting that these were really his only two errors of this incredible game

A great serve saves it, but then that netcord for Novak puts us back in misery. Things were tough enough, but now Novak is playing supremely. Break point again. Its a sunny day but I swear the court now looks dark grey to me

The next long rally is torture - it feels as if this point may decide the winner of the whole match, and it is as if my heart is being thumped across the net by these guys. Murray wins it though - awesome effort!!

Its brief respite though after another amazing winner by Novak - but followed by an excellent aggressive point by Murray. 40 all again - the crowd notch it up 'Andy, Andy' booms loud around

I may always think of the next point as the 'winning point' - Andy is nearly out of it three or four times - but an incredible chase-down rescues it. The mental effect must be huge - instead of a fourth break-point, another match-point!! Please!

When Novak nets it is such a release - thank you Issac Newton, the apple, and gravity for bringing that ball down! Andy's done it, I fall to my knees cheering

We'll be talking about the last game for decades I'm sure. You saw what both players are made of, and what credit to both of them. For Andy, I think that game vindicated all the physical and mental work he has done over years - putting himself through all that pain and strain, all in order to be able to hold up when under the most intense pressure - and he did it.

Felt excited, stunned and drained for hours after the match - a load of drink flowed  of course! After most sporting victories you feel happy for a week or even moth, but I still have the 'feelgood factor' from this six months on!

In the days after it was great coming on MW and seeing how much it meant to everyone. A great day for British tennis fans, but even more so for Andy's long-term hardcore fans - seeking him finally fully vindicated and celebrated.

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Great post althusser and yes I agree....I still have the feel good factor 6 months on infact anytime im down or bored I let my mind wander back to that day and it instantly makes me feel good Wink

Wish we could relive it all over again!
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I watched it by myself, the only proper way to watch it as I go a little crazy and shout continuously and loudly through-out matches - if somebody else is there I could not get anywhere near as much into it. Towards the end of the match I was sat on the floor and pretty much living and dying with every point, when he finally managed to win I curled up in a ball on the floor and was pretty hysterical lol.
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I was watching it at home.  My OH was at work (and really so was I, was working from home, fortunatly for me it was dead quiet!).  The kids were not watching they really not as mad on Tennis as me LOL.  Anyway, I had dreamt the Saturday night that Andy had won it in 3 sets with the second being 7-5.

When Andy won the first set, I wasnt getting excited, after all, he did that the previous year with Roger.  I decided I was right in my thoughts when Andy went down 1-4 in the second set, I thought no this cant be happening again! please dont let Novak get this set.  Andy fought back and got it to 4-3 with the next being a crucial game! 4-4! brilliant, then Novak loses it (his shouting at the umpire!) in between all this I have to keep checking on work, doing a small amount that comes in and dashing back to the tv.
5-5! then Andy breaks 6-5, I start remembering the dream, but I still couldnt believe at this point - 7-5! (with a game to love) wow! wait! is that second set score right? 7-5?!!! woah! hold on now, could this really be happening, will this turn out the way I dreamt?
3rd (and what turned out to be final ) set Andy leads 2-0 I start getting slightly (only slightly) excited.  Andrew Castle then mentions 1936 and it goes a bit south for Andy and he is down 2-4 (I wanted to Slap Castle at this point and on my FB wall I actually wrote "shut it Castle, stop getting ahead of yourself" - Boris also admonished him!) I start to worry again, no, this cant happen, please dont let this happen.
wait what's this Andy back to 3-4 then 4-4 omg are we heading for a 3rd set tiebreak!
<checks more work>
40-0 - come on Andy, one point, just one, that's all you need
40-15 - Damit Novak - still Andy, you need just one more point
40-30 WTF was that Novak!
Duece - BLOODY STOP IT NOVAK - stop it stop it stop it
Adv Novak - nooooo come on Andy
Duece - phew
Adv Novak - no no no, please no
Duece - phew
Adv Andy - hyperventilates, jumps up and down, please please please come on do this please now right now please
GSM Andy - SCREAMS, SQUEALS JUMPS AROUND AND CLAPS (at which point the boys run to see why I'm screaming! - i explain that Andy just won it and they go "ah ok" - well apart from the 5 year old who goes "Andy Murray Wimbledon Champion" (i've taught him well lol)
does more work, with a huge big grin on my face

(i may have missed some of the adv/dueces out LOL)

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