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Will Henman retire this year?
Yes - 13 (68.4%)
No - 6 (31.6%)
Total Voters: 18

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Do you think that Tim will announce his retirement this year?


Just proves what a n00bfest that place is!

Got bored so i entered the 'design a bottle label' thing.
They're displaying it on the Entries Gallery and yet i was emailed it's invalid because i used the f-ing Highland Spring logo. Rolling Eyes

 doh lol
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I don't blame Rob for using Arka, I would be a hypocrite to call him stupid over it considering I did the same thing. The problem arises once Arka feels he has power and is achieving something... the deluded noob will end up thinking he created that website like he thinks he created MW Rolling Eyes

It's a tough one cause as we all know only too well Arka has this ability of seeming ridiculously helpful, genuine and humble while at the same time soaking up all the praise and thanks and turning it into some kind of power trip.

I think Rob needs to be really careful just how much responsibility he gives him with such admin stuff cause he will let it go to his head. But if he's been made aware of the situation from over here and the repercussions we faced yet still plans to give him that power then there's really nothing we should (actually can) do about it.

Ultimately it's Rob's decision and he has to make what he feels is the best decision based on the information he has. Unfortunately I think his is the wrong one.
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Good posting!
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He meant to say revamped.
Exactly Smile
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