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Flemski doubles team.


This is a lot of photos. fainting

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I'm loving those ballons.... lol
And yes Allan, that is probably more photos of them in one tournament, than in the whole rest of their careers!
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I'm going hunting for more photos at some point. Smile
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Flemski interview with the Daily Mail:
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Flemski interview in the British Tennis Memeber area:

Colin Fleming and Ken Skupski topped off a fantastic 2009 with their recent win at the $663.75k ATP event in St Petersburg. 2009 has also seen them beat the Bryan brothers at Queen's and edge ever closer to being ranked inside the top 50 in the ATP World Doubles rankings. BTM caught up with the pair to hear about their recent win.

Congratulations on winning your second ATP World title of the season at the St Petersburg Open.  Tell us a bit about it, were you expecting to win?
CF: We arrived in St. Petersburg off the back of winning a big challenger in Orleans, France so we were full of confidence. This was our 4th ATP event and we’d performed well in the previous 3, winning in Metz, so we knew we could play at this level. With this belief we knew that if we competed hard we had a chance in each match. Louis makes us very aware that with so many tough players around, we can lose in the first round or we can win the tournament.
KS: It was my first time in Russia and it was very cold and wet. We turned up on the Monday because we came from Orleans in France after winning the final on the Sunday. We never think about what we expect to do or who we are going to play. We focus on playing hard and doing all we can to give us the best opportunity to win.

What is a typical day like for you at a competition like this?
CF: On a practice day we will play an hour in the morning, an hour in the afternoon and then some fitness to finish the day. On a match day we like to practice for an hour early in the day then hit for 10 or 15 minutes immediately before the match to get fired up.
KS: It usually involves two practices depending on availability of the courts. At the bigger events you usually have a better chance of playing for a full hour. Most challengers you would get half a court for half an hour which makes our practices more difficult in regards to specific drills. We sometimes like to watch some of the singles guys play. It’s still a novelty to us to be around the stars of the game so we watched a couple of Marat Safin's matches in St Petersburg.

What are the best things about travelling around?
CF: Getting to see so many places and experience different cultures. Also the banter on the tour is pretty good!
KS: Travelling with a partner is great because it makes life so much more enjoyable. Sharing the experience is great. Being able to have my fiancée with me for some of the weeks is amazing too. She loves to see new places and looks forward to coming out to Australia with her dad to watch us play. Travelling solo is tough and I respect the guys that have to do it week in week out. It’s great to obviously see a lot of places I would probably never get to see if I wasn’t a tennis player, Russia being a good example. I feel lucky to do what I do, so I try to make the most of it. Making friends from all over the world is great too.

What do you do between matches to prepare yourselves?  Do you have any superstitions?
CF: Practice hard, eat well, rest well and have fun! No real superstitions.
KS: A. I always like to regrip my racket. I also always like to have my socks pulled up high. When I am getting ready I always pull them up as high as possible (people used to make fun for how high they went at one point). I stencil the head logo onto the strings of my racket too.

What do you do to relax between matches?
CF: A lot of time on my laptop surfing the internet – I’m loving fantasy football right now – and watching movies/TV shows.
KS: I like to sit and watch other matches. I’m a big fan of live sport. Getting close to the action and seeing how people react to different situations is interesting and very entertaining at times.

You have had a great 2009.  How are you going to prepare for 2010 and what are your goals for the year ahead?
CF: Hang the rackets up for a week initially then followed by a week of fitness only. I’ll then continue the fitness but start hitting balls again for 2/3 weeks before we start the new season. In terms of goals we’ll hopefully be playing ATPs most weeks and all the Grand Slams so to break the top 30 would be nice.
KS: I have a holiday planned with my fiancée at the start of December before my pre-season training starts. I will be training at the NTC with Colin and Louis and look forward to kicking off the season, most likely in Chennai.  As Colin said, we would like to play all four Grand Slams in 2010, establish ourselves at the tour events, possibly Master Series events and do all we can to move up the rankings. Ending the year inside 30 would be great. Anything inside 20 would be ahead of schedule. 

Which achievement are you most proud of so far in your tennis career?
CF: Winning in St. Petersburg. We’d won in Metz which was a breakthrough for us but to go to Russia alone and come back with the trophy was really satisfying.
KS: Winning the tour event in Metz was amazing but to back it up and prove it wasn’t a lucky week makes me most proud. Beating the Bryans this season was my best moment until we won in St Petersburg. Being able to beat the best team in the world in Britain with our family and friends watching was amazing. The support we had that evening was a moment we will remember for life. For years I dreamed of playing against them. Watching them on television all the time made me want to become a doubles player. They inspired me to be the player I am trying to be.

Who would you most like to play in a tennis match?
CF: Roger Federer
KS: Woodbridge and Woodford.  They were, in my mind, the best pair ever and I would like to see how Colin and I would do against them when they were at their best.

What do you think are the best ways to increase the number of people playing tennis?
KS: Take tennis into schools and try to make it as cheap as possible for kids to play. In the winter when it goes dark early and too cold to play outside, it is too expensive to book an indoor court for an hour, buy balls and get a lesson. Cheap organised squads for all ages need to be made available. The quality of indoor centres in Britain is very high but the numbers are lower than other countries because it costs too much to build. It’s a numbers game and if there are more indoor courts of a basic standard (like in France) I think the numbers would rise.
CF: I agree that we need to take the game to schools more.

Do you have any tips for other players hoping to make it in tennis?
CF: Practice as if it were a match as the habits you develop in practice are the ones you’ll take onto the match court with you.
KS: Don’t make excuses for not doing something. Find a way and do everything you can to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed. If you look in the mirror and honestly say I did all I could, you cannot complain. Being realistic is important. But don’t sell yourself short.

Out of the two of you, who is the messiest in the changing room?!
CF: I’m the biggest ‘faffer’ but Skuppo is the messiest in my opinion!
KS: I don’t think either of us are messy. Colin likes his sleep a lot more than I do though. We struggle to share a room because I like to get up around 7.30am and he certainly doesn’t!

Finally, do you have any nicknames?
CF: Flembo
KS: I don’t really have a nickname that I use with everyone. Skuppo is probably the most common.

Flembo & Skuppo’s Favourites…Sport (aside from tennis)
Both: Football

Sporting hero
CF: Lance Armstrong
KS: Pete Sampras

Football team
CF: Partick Thistle
KS: Liverpool

Pre match meal
CF: Spaghetti Bolognese
KS: Chicken Pesto in Pasta

CF: U2
KS: The Eagles

CF: Where the Streets Have No Name, U2
KS: You'll Never Walk Alone

CF: The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger
KS: Serious, John McEnroe

TV programme
CF: Californication
KS: Top Gear

CF: The Dark Knight
KS: The Great Escape

CF: Elisha Cuthbert
KS: Vince Vaughn

Place you would most like to visit:
CF: Las Vegas
KS: Lapland

Luxury item
CF: Laptop
KS: Audi R8
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Great interview...shame about their taste in music. U2???... The Eagles?? no doh  doh
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Flemski into chennai.  cmon yeah

1 BUTORAC, Eric 38 RAM, Rajeev 39 79 D+D 77
2 GRANOLLERS, Marcel 25 91 VENTURA, Santiago 60 109 D+D 85
3 BRUNSTROM, Johan 42 831 ROJER, Jean Julian 43 D+D 85
4 BHUPATHI, Mahesh 7 BOPANNA, Rohan 83 395 D+D 90
5 DE VOEST, Rik 47 236 LIPSKY, Scott 51 D+D 98
6 FLEMING, Colin 56 518 SKUPSKI, Ken 54 1177 D+D 110
7 SCHUETTLER, Rainer 151 85 WASKE, Alexander 275 - 30 S+P 115
8 COETZEE, Jeff 69 WASSEN, Roger 48 D+D 117
9 KUNITSYN, Igor 66 104 QURESHI, Aisam-Ul-Haq 59 635 D+D 125
10 KOHLMAN, Michael 58 836 PEYA, Alexander 73 270 D+D 131

11 LU, Yen-Hsun 177 98 TIPSAREVIC, Janko 192 38 S+S 136
12 CERRETANI, James 64 RETTENMAIER, Travis 77 1228 D+D 141

Then it's onto Auckland and the AO.
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Flemski really struggling to get into Auckland!

1 BRYAN, Bob 1 BRYAN, Mike 1 D+D 2
2 GRANOLLERS, Marcel 25 91 ROBREDO, Tommy 20 16 D+S 41
3 ALMAGRO, Nicolas 148 26 FERRER, David 88 17 S+S 43
4 KNOWLE, Julian 21 LINSTEDT, Robert 27 D+D 48
5 MELO, Marcelo 36 SOARES, Bruno 22 D+D 58
6 DAMM, Martin 29 POLASEK, Filip 31 D+D 60
7 GARCIA-LOPEZ, Guillermo 134 41 MONTANES, Albert 109 31 S+S 72
8 PARROTT, Travis 35 LEVINSKY, Jaroslav 37 D+D 72
9 MELZER, Jurgan 26 28 PETZSCHNER, Philipp 55 80 D+D 81
10 BRUNSTROM, Johan 42 828 ROJER, Jean-Julian 43 D+D 85

11 FISHER, Ashley 41 HUSS, Stephen 45 D+D 86
12 SA, Andre 44 TECAU, Horia 46 D+D 90
13 ARNOLD KER, Lucas 65 MONACO, Juan 110 30 D+S 95
14 KOHLMANN, Michael 58 833 LIPSKY, Scott 51 D+D 109
15 FLEMING, Colin 56 517 SKUPSKI, Ken 54 1172 D+D 110

Update: They going to try and sign in at Sydney, according to Ken's Twitter.
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Ken's site:
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BOOM BOOM!!!! Super match tie-breaker at the end their. Very Happy Very Happy

Flemski beat Bhupathi/Bopanna 4-6 6-3 10-2 and are into the semi-finals at Chennai.
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A great win especially the 10-2 at the end.  They must have finished very strongly.  Thanks for sharing the news Allan.
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Woop woop!!!
cmon yeahcmon yeahcmon yeahcmon yeahcmon yeah
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3 set loss in Aussie Open 2nd round. Frown

BBC Sport - Brit pair target future success
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