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Heather Watson


Heather had five break chances at 3-2 and couldn't convert. Then she was up 40-15 on her serve and had to get through a couple of deuces to hold. It's 4-3 Heather with Brady to serve. If she can just manage to break this time she could serve for the match at 5-3. Come on Heather!

No such luck. Heather had one break point and hit long. She's serving at 4-4. She has a decent hold and Brady has a very easy one. 5-5. I have to say, Heather just doesn't look very sharp. She's got to get this looking better if she's going to hang on and take this match.
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Heather somehow hung on in that match after being down love-30! It's 7-6. She's got to find a way to get through this girl's serve game and tough out the win! Meanwhile, Djokovic is still trying to win the first set tiebreak against Istomin.

For once Heather has a pretty easy hold, to 15. 8-7. And Istomin took the tiebreak and is a set up on Djokovic!

And it's love-30 Heather on Brady's serve! Come ON!

She had two break points and couldn't do it. 8-8. Fell apart, lost her next serve game to love and now it's 40-love Brady at 9-8. Heather simply has not been able to deliver when she had the chance. Saves one match point but it's still 40-15. Comes alive and hits another huge shot but Brady comes in on the next and Heather has lost, 10-8 in the final set. Terrible. She just handed it over to the girl.
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Oh hard luck Heather.

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