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Gig review


Date: 23/12/05

Venue: Jug of Ale, Moseley, Birmingham.

Bands: "Band With No Name", Dog Food, Misty's Big Adventure

First on were the Band With No Name... not sure if they are actually lacking a name, or if that is their name. Whichever, they were very good. Very Happy

They did a whole mix of songs, some good rock, some "more mellow" tracks, and a bonus Christmas song. (Each band did one). Their singer told this story about being young opening christmas stockings at 4 in the morning, and "this is the song I wrote about it".

The guitarist played a mandolin on that, which I thought was great! Very Happy I did have photos, but the ones of this band have disappeared. Frown

Next up, Dog Food. They were excellent, the songs somewhat unusual, but highly entertaining. Really got the crowd going! Smile

Got some pictures of them, which have survived... and I grabbed a setlist when they finished too. Wink

Here's their guitarist... look at the thing he's playing, it's great. Very Happy

Singer/keyboard player (his name's Simon, btw) wearing a hard hat, bass player (wearing a toupee), and trumpet player:

About half way through their set, someone of the audience shouted out "Mr Smith, is that a cat on your head?", the bass player then removed his toupee and threw it into the crowd. =D>

Singer again, minus the hat, and looking a bit ghostly:

Guitarist, now playing the 12-string part:

And their setlist, though they didn't stick to it... they changed some of the songs round:

Their Xmas song (Come On Baby...) was great... nobody there had ever heard it before, but the crowd picked it up pretty quick, it was a great song to sing along to! yahooo

Not even sure if the band had heard it before... Simon was reading the lyrics off a piece of paper. Whistle (At the end of the song he said "Never write your lyrics in pencil, folks...").

Now Misty's Big Adventure...

Third time I've seen them now, and every one has been superb. Been right at the front at each show, and met some of the band members every time. Smile

It's hard to describe what they do, but they are absolutely fantastic. clapping

Bit of a description here... my brother wrote that, just after I'd first seen them. Smile

I've found they also have a Wikipedia article now:'s_Big_Adventure

I shook hands with their dancer a few times.... he does have about 50 though! roflmao

About half way through, the folks from Dog Food came back on to help Misty's with their Xmas song... it was great! With all the band members, it was as crowded on stage as off. ("What, are you still there?" from Simon to us folks at the front)

When they were getting to the end of their set, they had time for one more song... all the crowd were shouting different things. clapping But I got to choose... I was standing right in front of Grandmaster Gareth, so he asked me... and we had The Tapeworm Of Love. =D>

I didn't get any photos of Misty's this time, I was too busy jumping around. jumping-w00t bounce_everyone

(If you want to see photos from last time, I posted some here).

If you ever get the chance to go and see Misty's, just do it! Guaranteed you will enjoy it.

Overall, I'd give last night a 10/10, had a really really great time. Smile
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Well done John Smile Thanks for that, you wrote the whole thing?
Sounds like you really had a good time! Very Happy
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Thanks for that John!  goodjob  Sounds like you had a great time!
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Yup, I wrote it all. I did have a fantastic time, so I thought I'd share it with you. Wink
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Thanks for that Very Happy  toast  :thx:
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Sounds like one fab night John - thanks for sharing that with us!   =D>
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