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MW Newsletter: May Edition


Good work, guys and gals clap cmon yeah I accept the honour of weirdest-thread-of-the-month with great pride ( would also have accepted 'lamest' lol  Whistle )
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Maybe I should promote your thread to lamest Gogsy! lmao
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Maybe I should promote your thread to lamest Gogsy! lmao

 pray  (If it helps international relations...DO IT!)  cmon yeah
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How honourable of you Gogsy Wink

If I do that then does anyone have any recommendations for a new Weirdest thread this month?
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Maybe I should promote your thread to lamest Gogsy! lmao

How unjust would that be. Rolling Eyes

If I do that then does anyone have any recommendations for a new Weirdest thread this month?

MW Newsletter: May Edition
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No, I think you should wait until Cate decides. She'll laugh at my edited version. trust me.
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How unjust would that be. Rolling Eyes
Yes apart from Gogsy seems to like the prospect of the added publicity to his wonderful thread lol

No, I think you should wait until Cate decides. She'll laugh at my edited version. trust me.
I will do although she's had a tough week and the only thing she's finding funny these days are Safin videos Sad, walking about.
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"Ron Paul, is he the only hope for America?"
Is that not being a little bias?

Shouldent it say, Who is the only hope for America? OR Who will save them?
OR Who do you support?
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Nothing in this newsletter is the opinion of MurraysWorld as an organisation, it's just our own personal opinions. However I agree with your suggestions and I'll make an appropriate change.
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Lorna, do you mind if we cut out your blog section? I don't think there's enough unique content in it considering the length. This newsletter is really huge now.

- Hamburg Review
- Rome Review
- British Ranking Update
- Gaming in the Playground
- What's going on in the forums?
- Thread Watch
- Photo of the Month
- Murray in the Media
- 3 Word Story
- Joke of the Month

But, it's everyone's newsletter so if you think it should be in then that's fine if others agree.
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The 'Lamest' award will feature the Safin perving thread with Cate's revision:

In my opinion, without a doubt the lamest thread of the month is the 'The Safinator: He'll be back!' discussion which is jammed packed with photos of Marat Safin apparently looking hot and sexy. Although no doubt several of the female members might well disagree with me.
I know the "In my opinion" stands out because everyone knows it's my opinion by the fact it says "By Mark" and for those who are completely blind the "I'll give myself the vote" comment for the previous award and the ending of the 'Lamest' award saying, "female members might well disagree with me" but it's better than nothing.
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I really don't mind at all. i was just frightened we were stuck for content what with the injury and everything. Cut all you like! And I've no idea what happened with the first paragraphs of the reviews. I swear they were different when I wrote it. Probably a copy and paste blunder. Happy with the edits anyway.

And as for the tense thing, I think they were a victim of my copying and pasting the vast majority of the content from different sources and just editing slightly! Oops! You see that's why I like you guys to check it, cause I don't!
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Thanks Lorna...


~~~ MurraysWorld Newsletter - Issue No. 6 / May Edition ~~~

  - Hamburg Review
  - Rome Review
  - British Ranking Update
  - Gaming in the Playground
  - What's going on in the forums?
  - Thread Watch
  - Photo of the Month
  - Murray in the Media
  - 3 Word Story
  - Joke of the Month

~~ News~~
Get the reading glasses out because this is our biggest edition yet!

~~ Hamburg Review~~
  Andy was hoping to kick-start his clay-court campaign this week against in-form Italian Filippo Volandri - Federer's conquerer last week- in the first round of the Hamburg Masters. He was forced to withdraw from last month's Monte Carlo Masters and suffered a first-round loss in Rome last Monday. Andy had hoped that his birthday would bring him some luck on the court. But it didn't quite go according to plan...
  First set:
  Murray 1-0 Volandri
  It's the birthday boy to serve first and he wins the first point, Volandri driving a forehand long. And 'oor Andy' takes the first game to love, clinching it with a fizzing forehand down the line.
  Murray 2-0 Volandri
  Shaky old start from the Italian, a double-fault handing Murray the game to love. That's the first break, and Volandri has yet to win a point.
  Murray 3-0 Volandri
  Volandri plops a backhand into the net and sticks a forehand wide before Murray wins his 12th successive point and the game with a hammer forehand straight down the middle. The Italian getting a can of whupass opened up on him by Murray.
  Murray 4-0 Volandri
  Volandri wins his first point before Murray crashes a two-fister down the line. Murray has a bit of a moan about a line call on Volandri's serve, but it just clipped. Volandri gets the better of a rare rally, winning the point with a wrong-footing backhand. Dreamy little drop shot from Murray takes the game to deuce and Volandri saves a break point with a solid overhead. However, Murray pulls out another plum, finishing off a lengthy exchange with a sizzling forehand down the line. Volandri saves again before Murray caps some fine scrambling with a sweet forehand winner. The Italian gifts Murray a double break with another unforced error and the Scot is flying on his birthday.
  Murray 4-1 Volandri
  Murray serves up a double fault and Volandri then plays his best shot so far, a fine cross-court forehand winner for two break points. Volandri blows the first one, sticking a forehand wide, but converts the second, Murray tamely putting a forehand into the net. Volandri finally playing some tennis!
  Murray 5-1 Volandri
  Lovely bit of touch from Volandri, feathering a drop-volley to move to 30-0, but Murray gets a point back with a vicious backhand return. Another fierce return from Murray and Volandri is being severely outmuscled. Murray then displays some cheek, lobbing Volandri at the net before putting away the volley. A smashing backhand winner makes it advantage and an unforced error makes it three breaks to one to Murray.
  Murray 5-1 Volandri - Murray retires hurt
  Murray wrings his right wrist after a forehand and then crumples over after another - this looks serious. The trainer is on and Murray looks very distressed perched on the edge of his bench.
  Apparently his wrist "clicked" as he played the shot. "I was playing the best match of my life," says Murray as he's pawed at by the trainer. "I can't play," says Murray, but the trainer is going to strap it and spray it and see how he goes. Murray, the little trooper, is going to battle on. He wins the first point, but that's all folks, he emits a primeval roar after his first forehand, hurls his racquet to the floor, says some rude words and then concedes. Not much of a birthday that!
  And that's how Hamburg went. Not at all the way we hoped although we take delight in the fact that prior to the injury, Murray was looking pretty impressive, on clay! Nice to know that amongst all the injury trouble he still hasn't lost it!
  A bit of an injury update:
  Andy went straight to the hospital where an MRI scan confirmed that he had done some damage to tendons in his wrist. He then had it placed in a splint and has returned home to London to get some expert advice from his own sports injury doctors. While Murray is optimistic and looking for a speedy recovery it seems likely that he will be out for the French Open. But Andy will be back on court as soon as he feels he can be and we're all hopeful for a glorious return for Wimbledon.
- by ljsmall (mw member)

~~ Rome Review~~
  Andy is back this week from a 3 week break due to a back injury and is hoping to get a big win under his belt against Frenchman Giles Simon. Andy has only won 2 matches on clay since joining the tour, both of those coming last season in Barcalona and Hamburg.
 Unfortunately, this tournament didn't add to that tally.
 Tenth seed Murray broke in the first game but then dropped serve three times as Simon wrapped up the first set 6-1.
 After losing the first set in just 24 minutes to the world number 58, Andy was helped when the players had to leave the court briefly for a rain break.
 When they returned, Andy was a different player as he finally held serve and then broke the unseeded Simon.
 The 22-year-old Frenchman immediately broke back but it seemed Andy's increaded confidence and superior play had unsettled the frenchman when he then faltered when serving at 1-2, getting annoyed with himself for not converting a game point.
It proved a turning point in the set as Murray then broke him and went on to win the next three games to level the match.
Unfortunately another rain shower caused a longer delay of several hours and the floodlights were on in the Foro Italico when the players returned.
When the players returned, a sluggish Murray quickly went 4-0 down in the decider and, despite clawing a break back, he could not prevent defeat.
Despite raising his level dramatically and fighting doggedly, Murray could not oust the Frenchman, who held his nerve to serve out the match.
After the match Andy admitted that his time out for injury had not helped him in this tournament.
"I didn't feel great physically on the long rallies," he said. "I was a bit rusty.
"It's always difficult when you come back after pretty much six weeks out of the Tour.
"It takes a little while to find your timing and get used to the kind of intensity that you play at week in, week out."
Unfortunately Rome didn't provide anymore points to help solidify that top 10 spot, however the glimmers in the 2nd set and fightback in the 3rd gave us hope that Andy has what it takes to hang on to the later stages of clay tournaments in the future.
  - by ljsmall (mw member)

~~ British Ranking Update~~

  And another week on the red stuff gone, another win for the clay monster. But what of the Brits? Another devistationg week for Andy as he picks up yet another injury and not a great week all round, it has to be said. But that doesn't always come out in the rankings. So let's have a look at this week's movement.
  Big 4 first:
  Andy, again, sticks at 10
  Tim, back on that steady downward curve drops -6 to 56 
  Boggo, still floating around the same spot this week drops -1 to 118 
  Richard Bloomfield sticks this week at 187     
  Other big movers:
  Not a great week from the guys you’ll know:
  Joshua Goodall also stays put at 218
  Jamie Baker unfortunately drops this week -4 to 235 
  Jonathan Marray, again, a non mover at 247
  Alan Mackin and Martin Lee both keep climbing +3 to 259 and 416 respectively
  And to finish on a high note, Daniel Cox jumps a fair bit this week climbing +57 to 1092 
  That's all in singles, now doubles:
  The big 4:
  Not a great deal to report here:
  Jamie, back at home in Scotland taking a bit of a break before the French sticks at 42
  James Auckland however up a sneaky spot +1 to 59 
  Andy's ranking suffering from lack of action is -1 to 104   
  And Jamie Delgado catches up a bit more +1 to 110
  Couple of big movers in the doubles table this week. Names to notice:
  Tom Rushby is +14 to 357
  Ian Flanagan climbs +63 to 604
  Simon Childs is +79 to 921
  And that's kind of the headlines. Following someone in particular you can check it out here:
  Big action this week as the 5th Masters series of the year comes to it's conclusion. Will this be Nadal's 4th MS title of the year. Is Federer's reign really over? Find out here
  Other Brits in action:
  Boggo seeded 7 at a challenger in Zagreb, Auks and Delgado also No 1 seeded doubles pair here
  And Richard Bloomfield is up in San Remo, Italy taking on a WC in the singles and partnering Polish Tomasz Bednarek in the doubles.
  And that's it! Come on the Lads!
  If you want to follow British players rankings on a weekly basis you'll find them here.

- by ljsmall (mw member)

~~ Gaming in the Playground ~~
  Gaming wise, 'Alphabet game' proved to be the most popular this month with Banannie gaining top place with her awe-inspiring score of 2.927 seconds!
  Bannannie: 2.927
  invisibleman18: 3.553
  rafa: 3.65
  murrays_mint: 3.672
  JohnW: 4.624
  Ganou: 5.771
  scotsman75: 6.05
  MurrayMountain9: 6.390
  How fast can you type the alphabet?

- by Mark (mw member)

~~ What's going on in the forums? ~~

  So. What is going on? A lot of people have been worried lately after Andy got another injury last week.  Below are some of whats been happening.
  ~ Chit Chat
  The Chit Chat board has had the most activity this month from the US Presidential election 2008 thread and the thread proclaiming Paris Hilton is going to jail. MW is full of political debate! Including the 2007 British Elections and the news of Tony Blair's departure.
  ~ RTR RESULTS - Mid April - Mid May
  RTR continues during the entire tennis series, in the RTR thread.
  The RTR 2007 leaderboard has a new leader. Rafa with a high 73 points! Behind her is dentie, who has been red hot lately, with 65 points. Then netcord with 64. In fourth place is invisibleman18 with 50 points. Rounding off the Top 5 is Allan and Sir Panda both with 44 points. In 7th place is top_spin with 43 points. Then we have JohnW with 26 points and then rochelle with 24 points. Rounding of the top 10 is Ganou with 22 points. Ganou has been doing very well lately!
  Standing - Barcelona
  1st -  dentie - 10 points
  2nd - MurrayMountain91 - 8 points
  3rd - JohnW - 6 points
  4th - Ganou- 5 points
  5th - rochelle - 4 points
  6th - rafa - 3 points
  7th - netcord - 2 points
  8th - top_spin - 1 point
  Standings - Estoril
  1st -  dentie - 10 points
  2nd - invisibleman18 - 8 points
  3rd - Sir Panda - 6 points
  4th - rafa- 5 points
  5th - top_spin - 4 points
  6th - Allan - 3 points
  7th - Ganou- 2 points
  8th - rochelle - 1 point
  Standings - Rome
  1st -  rafa - 10 points
  2nd - Sir Panda - 8 points
  3rd - Ganou - 6 points
  4th - dentie - 5 points
  5th - invisibleman18 - 4 points
  6th - Allan - 3 points
  7th - netcord - 2 points
  8th - top_spin - 1 point
- by MurrayMountain91 (mw member)

~ Thread Watch~~

This was a tough choice as this thread also firmly belongs in the 'Lamest' category but the weirdest thread this month is...'The MW Grammar Spelling Poll' which discusses the importance of grammatical and spelling accuracy when posting on the MurraysWorld forum.

Most talked about
This award goes to the '10 Years of Blair - Was it good for you? thread, well erm, was it?

Most interesting
From page 2 onwards the 'US Presidential Race 2008' thread gets interesting with talk of presidential candidate Ron Paul. Who do you support?

Best newcomer
I'll give myself the vote on this one and award 'What did you dream of last night' thread as the best new comer of this month.

In my opinion, without a doubt the lamest thread of the month is the 'The Safinator: He'll be back!' discussion which is  jammed packed with photos of Marat Safin apparently looking hot and sexy. Although no doubt several of the female members might well disagree with me.

- by Mark (mw member)

~~ Photo of the Month ~~

POTM Image

To date MurraysWorld has the largest gallery of Andy Murray photos on the Internet, make sure you take a look.

- by top_spin (mw member)

~~ Murray in the Media ~~

  As Andy retired after only one set of his doubles match in Monte Carlo and subsequently had to withdraw from the entire tournament, you might expect the Andy Murray section would have fallen quiet bar the odd report on his injury progress. However, it seems that Murray’s 3 week stretch of recovery at the National Training Centre in Roehampton allowed him plenty of time to give us just a little more insight into what makes him tick.
  Andy in Stella Artois Podcast
Andy Murray has been featured in the 5th episode of the Artois Championships podcast series
Get the interview from iTunes for free right nowor for immediate download, here.

Brad works overtime for British Tennis
The Times newspaper has interviewed coach Brad Gilbert and have given an in-depth look into his life working for the LTA and, more importantly, with Andy Murray.

  - Full Story (
  A Day with Andy on Inside Sport
On Monday 7th May, Inside Sport broadcast a feature on ‘A Day in the Life of Andy Murray.’ The item was much anticipated by the fans and did not disappoint. While giving a fly on the wall type view of a typical training session with Brad, Andy and Tim, as well as a look into a typical core muscle-strengthening session in the gym, the feature also allowed the teenager to voice his opinions on a number of issues in a completely honest manner.

-   Full Story (

Andy speaks exclusively to
Following the announcement of Andy’s withdrawal from Estoril, posted a short clip from the lengthy day of interviews they conducted to use on the release of their new website design. It basically confirmed, from the man himself, the progress on his injury.

Read his comments here

Andy given a boost of confidence from John McEnroe (again!)
British number one Andy Murray can transfer his world-class form from hard courts to clay, according to three-time Wimbledon champion John McEnroe.

- Full Story (

Murray Reveals Childhood trauma
Andy Murray has revealed to the The Times newspaper the pain of living though his parents' separation and how his anger helped him reach the top of his sport. This is the first time Murray has publicly spoken on the subject.

Read on...

- by ljsmall (mw member)

~~ 3 Word Story ~~
  There's a thread in the Playground area of MurraysWorld called '3 Word Story', it involves the community writing a story but three words at a time per post. Each newsletter we'll publish some of the craziness for you to read without having to look through hundreds of posts.
  The story continues...
  The staff doesn't talk Klingon, so they were confused but luckily, someone, a patient staying there, knew Welsh and Klingon language and also knew the person who was called and was able to run to the foot of the hill where other Klingon speakers were gathered in for a good meal of bloody Klingon guts and Kentucky fried chicken washed down with a cup of the world's best vintage blood but had to settle with the worst tasting vintage blood from the valleys in south wales where it smells like Alex and Dana when they don't do anything they don't usually do.
  Somewhere else Dana was wishing Alex would stop making her think he was straight although she dreams of Mr Nice who likes to rub her feet warming, softly and dries them with soft fluffly towel that feels like white fluffy clouds just before they require thorough washing but can tumble down into poor old rags that Dana likes to wear for Alex when she wants to wear anything that looks like the jolly green giant that has been dragged through the jolly green hedge backwards...twice and ended up stuck in the front row of the smallest stadium located in the Las Vegas Hilton which was in a small field in a large semi-detached bungalow that actually had a great big front garden and a stripped down ford sierra in the bathroom.
- Story by MurraysWorld community

~~ Joke of the Month ~~
  David Beckham decides to go horse riding. Although he has had no previous experience he skillfully mounts the Horse and appears in complete command of the situation as the horse gallops along at a steady pace.
  Victoria admiringly watching her husband.
  After a short time David becomes a little casual and he begins to lose his grip in the saddle, he panics and grabs the horse around the neck shouting for it to stop.
  Victoria starts to scream and shout for someone to help her husband as David  has by this time slipped completely out of the saddle and is only saved from  hitting the ground by the fact that he still has a grip on the horses neck.
  David decides that his best chance is to leap away from the horse, but his foot has become entangled in one of the stirrups. As the horse gallops along  David's head is banging on the ground and he is slipping into unconsciousness.
  Victoria is now frantic and screams and screams for help!!!!
  Hearing her screams, the Tesco's Security Guard comes out of the store and unplugs the horse.
- by Bevc (mw member)

You can have the opportunity to contribute to next month's newsletter by posting in the appropriate MurraysWorld thread soon.- The MurraysWorld Community.
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Surely Rome rv should be before hamburg...
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