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Do you believe in God?
Yes, there is a God - 36 (45.6%)
No (atheist) - 33 (41.8%)
Unsure (agnostic) - 10 (12.7%)
Total Voters: 78

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Religious Discussions


Very interesting Aileen. Some Hinduism makes more sense to me than other religions, for the reason you allude to - ideas of Gods etc are are seen as different, imperfect ways of trying to access the divine.

More inclusive and modest than the usual attitude - 'We're right, and the rest of you are doomed!''
I don't see anyone as 'doomed' no matter which religion they follow or which God they worship.  It's how they live their lives that my opinion of course.
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Pages: 1 ... 339 340 341 [342] Reply