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Revision song for Annie


k k this is mussolini - leader of the facist stuff in italy - i dint do too well in history lol  - and its to the tune of "a b c d e f " etc etc!!

benito mussloini born in 1883,
beleived he had the solutions to the problems of italy.
In 1919 he founded the facist party,
just like communism dictatorship and no democrocy,
private enterprise - land to be owned by people.
to sack the government they march on 8big breath8 rome in '22

then he became prome minister
he had one hope
italians would be strong, great, prosperous and free.
acerbo law in 1923,
control of parliament to the party with the most seats.
then he was il duce - leader of them all.
all other facists banned,
propeganda made them popular

ok so it doesnt quite fit into the song lol but twas a great help!!! hitler to come . . .  x(",)x
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Lol thats great!!
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ah hitler is better really - i just dont wanna type it right this second lol! x(",)x
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