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Should UK clocks go onto to CET?


Plan to bring UK clocks forward
Longer evenings could move a step closer with a
government plan to move UK clocks forward an extra hour.

This debate comes up in parliament every time the date for "changing the clocks" comes round, but it looks as thought this government is actually prepared to do something about it.  One reason that a conclusion has so far never been reached is because of the fears raised by many who live in Scotland.

However, I'm in favour of the move because, when an experiment was tried for 3 years from 1968-1971 and we stayed permanently on BST, it was great to have longer light in winter afternoons, particularly as it was beneficial to sporting and outdoor activities.  Also, far from road accident rates increasing due to darker mornings, statistics showed that, by comparison, the number of casualties in general actually decreased considerably because there's more concentrated traffic activity in the late afternoon/early evening than there is in the early morning.
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