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2851  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: Cincinnati SF: Murray vs Fish on: August 20, 2011, 09:11 pm
I could cheerfully strangle Barry Cowan, he talks utter rubbush. I thought Andy had great control of his emotions. Andy was playing for the first time on this court and Fish had on it before.
Also I don't think Andy's serve was such an issue today, look Fish who hadn't lost his serve this tournament and he kept losing his serve.
 jumping-w00t I also hope the gentleman who said Andy had no chance will enjoy eating his words or perhaps humble pie. Perhaps it should be fish pie.

Couldn't agree more - some of these commentators are all wind and washing up water as my mother would have said!  Andy came through in straight sets in brutal conditions against a very much in form player.  Well played Sir!

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2853  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: Cincinnati SF: Murray vs Fish on: August 20, 2011, 12:41 pm
Wish I could share some of the optimism shown in the above posts  Think

Even although Nadal was/is not at his best, Fish is playing probably the best tennis of his career. He was delighted to admit after his match last night that he was quite simply - OOZING with confidence. He loves Cincy - the courts are fast - he loves the heat - and he also loves the main court which of course Andy has yet to play on  Rolling Eyes

The organisers, I feel, have thereby given an advantage to their man (however slight) by playing this match as 1st up at 1pm local time in the heat of the day  Whistle

However, Andy has been in this situation before and should be up for it - particularly if he can keep his 1st serve % at close to what it was yesterday.

I can't predict the winner, but it will be either Fish in 2  or IMO Andy after an absolute battle in 3  Little tongue man and knackering himself in the process before the final tomorrow.

But the good thing is that he has stated that in the last two years he has peaked too early before the USO and he feels that this year he is on track pray  We shall see in a couple of weeks if his tactics have been right  nervous
Well, his tactics have been right for the Australian, French and Wimbledon so, hopefully, he's got it right for this one too.  I don't think it will matter too much to him whether he wins or loses today as long as he feels he has played well and is, in his words,  'getting better with every match'.
2854  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: Cincinnati SF: Murray vs Fish on: August 20, 2011, 05:55 am
All of the bookies have installed Murray as the favourite for the Fish match.  Generally around 4/5, 5/6 or 8/11.  With the current form of both players Murray will have to play his best Tennis to win.

With Fish getting revenge on Murray in 2010 for his defeat at Queens in 2009 hopefully it will be roles reversed this time with Murray coming out on top in Cincinnatti after the QF defeat last year.

The Sky commies were putting Fish as the favourite last night - it'll be great when Andy proves them wrong!

2855  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: Other Murray forum closes down on: August 19, 2011, 09:47 am
Another refugee here - thanks for the generous welcome from all MW members.  I was quite new to the AM site so probably don't feel quite as bereft as members of longer standing but the sudden closure was very odd - I can't believe it was all down to a storm in a teacup. 
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