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14146  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: Miami R2: Murray vs Falla on: March 23, 2012, 04:47 pm
Welcome MadHatter - good to have you on board!


You're definitely new here! lmao wink

Seriously, welcome! It can get a bit heated here in weeks when Murray isn't playing or even when he's playing badly in a match he should be winning, but we're all big fans here and want him to win.

Haha, not usually the case? Much more pro-Murray than most other places anyhow, and great to be around loads of other people who follow the sport. I love this sport.

Thanks to the others for the welcome as well. Smile

Haha I plan to Ruthie, seems like a good place to go for Murray matches and news. Can be so, so nail-biting watching Murray it'll be great to not be alone in that!

Seems to be equally tense watching Baker. Saved two break points trying to serve it out, had match point and now facing break point again.
14147  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: Miami R2: Murray vs Falla on: March 23, 2012, 04:35 pm
Finally able to post and it's 40-0, three match points! (Edit: And match sealed about halfway through making this post)

Desperately looking for coverage on sky, then looking for a stream, eventually found this site. After registering at 4-2 it's taken ages to get the confirmation email.

Must say, it's great to find a place that's so pro-Murray. Most other general sports forums I'm on are very 50-50 with so much ridiculous unfounded hate (and a lot of wind-up merchants trying to cause a reaction).

After IW and Miami last year and IW again this year I was quite worried, but looks like Lendl has got the perfect response from him this time round, scoreline looks very comfortable. He's been in such great form since the US Open last year and last week in IW was the worst I've seen from him in a long, long time (unforced errors on every other shot, poor serving, poor movement). Thankfully he seems to be back in-form today.

Anyway, the whole lack of coverage fiasco is incredible, especially for a Masters.

Probably Raonic up next, going to be very tough.

Anyway, that's my first post. Very Happy As you can probably tell, quite a mad Murray fan. Delighted I've found this place! Roll on the 3rd round. I'd be very interested in seeing how Murray fares against Nadal after their last encounter, so really hope they both reach the Semis. Nadal hasn't been the same since the US Open (yet still manages to bring it out in the slams).

PS. Also for any Britons on here Jamie Baker is 3-6, 6-4, 5-2 up in the QFs of the Bath challenger. Had a career-best season last year and into the top 300 in the rankings, seems to be still improving. Good signs after Ward's loss of form this year. Hopefully he can see that one out and get into the SFs.
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