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2071  Pages / Archive: News / Re: Raonic Rampant against Scottish Lion on: May 03, 2012, 07:55 am
I agree that Andy should come into the net more often as he has such great hands (look at the match against Llodra).  It was a joy to watch.  Raonic is still inconstistent and can not carry off the serve every match just like Isner.  Tsonga has just lost to Tommy Haas and only sereved 2 aces.  I haven't seen aany nasty remarks about him.  Andy will get better on clay as tiome goes on.
2072  Pages / Archive: News / Re: Raonic Rampant against Scottish Lion on: April 30, 2012, 09:15 am
I think there is definitely a fear of some sort.  It may be both the fears put forward on here. 

I have just watched both the second set with Raonic and the whole match against Troicki.  I do believe that had Andy won the second set he would most probably have won the match.  He really was getting the measure of Raonic's game which does seem to remind me of Isner.  Isner is all serve with some good shots occasionally thrown in.  Raonic is 21 and has won 3 titles I wonder if by the time he is 24 he will have won 22.  Andy had 14 by the time he was 21.  We have heard so many tiimes about these up and coming youngsters but they never materialise.

It is a shame that Andy cannot come out and play as he did against Troicki more often.  He was really using his whole arsenal and had 81% first serves and won, I think, 92% on those serves.

I am sure he will move up the rankings this year and maybe get a GS, if not this year it will be next year.
2073  Pages / Archive: News / Re: Raonic Rampant against Scottish Lion on: April 28, 2012, 03:34 pm
Thank you for the welcome Katie.  I see that Ferrer has just beaten Raonic with difficulty but, of course, he has played him before.  I do agree that Andy was beginning to read Raonic's game which should stand him in good stead another time.  I do feel that this is probably the outcome the organsiers wanted.  Two Spanish players in the final but I could be wrong.  Andy is doing much better this year than this time last year. Also thanks to Michelle and Aileen for their welcome.
2074  Pages / Archive: News / Re: Raonic Rampant against Scottish Lion on: April 28, 2012, 08:01 am
I am delighted to find this website as I am so fed up with the vitriolic rubbish about Andy on the other sites.

  I entirely agree with the fact that people are expecting miracles overnight from Lendl.  I come from a tennis family and my father who was an umpire and played tennis fopr the army used to say that it takes up to 6 months for a new coach's influence to show.  I have noticed some improvement but do think that Andy grew up at the end of last season.  This year he has definitely done better than last.  I am not surprised thst he went out to Raonic but wonder what would have happened it fit had gone to a third set as Andy seemed to be getting the measure of Raonic.

I look forward to coming on this site more often.
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