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3976  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: US Open R2 Murray vs Dodig on: August 30, 2012, 03:12 am
I've heard one or the other comm say that andy is not always lucky with his challenges, which could sometimes turn against him in the end.
3977  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: US Open R2 Murray vs Dodig on: August 30, 2012, 02:59 am
My German comm is full of praise for Andy as well, also appreciates Dodig for his fighting spirit. But this won't suffice. Andy so much on top! A joy to watch.
3978  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: US Open R2 Murray vs Dodig on: August 30, 2012, 02:47 am
Andy made running like a weasle. It's the first game where Andy has no real return chance, something he has done perfectly so far although Dodig is quite a good server.
3979  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: US Open R2 Murray vs Dodig on: August 30, 2012, 02:37 am
If Andy keeps this level up over two more sets, I can even go to bed for an after-match nap. But Dodig plays better than the score suggest. Brought back a lot of shots which I already saw as winners and has power himself.
3980  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: US Open R2 Murray vs Dodig on: August 30, 2012, 02:28 am
I had just got up when the first game started. Well tuned inner clock. Andy really on fire. Like his shirt as well, elegant but suits him. The orange is minimal. I have seen so many day shirts in bright orange that my eyes hurt. And actually you cannot turn your eyes from the match because there is so much happening. Very entertaining!
3981  Pages / Archive: News / Re: Murray battles into round two on: August 29, 2012, 01:57 pm
These nice pics partly make up for not finding the full interview. But one thing is for sure: over the past months you could observe Andy appearing ever more relaxed in off-court situations. The commercial (?) with "This can't be Andy Murray, he is laughing" wouldn't work any longer. Yet, one thing remains, which even my newspaper mentioned concerning the warm-up press conferences: his fidgeting around (nose, ears, watch, bottle, legs hood, laces etc.).
I still love watching Andy, may he drag himself over the court, may he show a sluggish body language, of course his fist pumps and energetic "C'mon!" as well as his facial expressions in joy and anger. I'm simply used to them and aware of not interpreting too much into them as long as the outcome is positive (as in the Bogo match). If the outcome is negative (e. g. vs. Chardy) then I'm suffering with him. But nothing is more boring to me than watching an emotionless player over hours. There are plenty of examples. One is even able to do magic on the court: he can rule over win and loss and is still boring. To me, at least.
3982  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: US Open R2 Murray vs Dodig on: August 29, 2012, 12:28 pm
In fact, it is pure madness to get up in the middle of the night to watch tennis. But I'm sure I will not be able to sleep properly when Andy is playing. So I always tend to wake up spontaneously and then switch on the telly automatically. About the match: Andy will certainly play much better after his usual first round nervousness. Against Bogo he showed some really brilliant shots played with aggression and/or finesse. I liked that. Normally you do not see the lower ranked players so often over a complete match. But the density in men's tennis is enormous (see Bogo's solid ground strokes). And their ranking often does not tell the story: Dodig performed quite well last year as far as I remember. I did not notice that he had climbed down beyond No. 100. So he is actually capable of producing strong tennis. Look what has happened to Haas (although I know it is a taboo name) who started from a low position in spring and is now a serious competitor. Some even see him as a secret favourite.
So I'm looking forward to seeing Andy point to heaven in the early morning hours.
3983  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: US Open R1: Murray vs Bogomolov on: August 27, 2012, 10:09 pm
Finally, I can go to bed now. Andy should have been under the shower a while ago. Made things more complicated than they had to be. Score looks so comfortable in the end. But for a first round match not too bad after all. It' s the victory that counts. And Andy  will pick up in the course of the event, which he has proven so often. Good night!
3984  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: US Open R1: Murray vs Bogomolov on: August 27, 2012, 09:15 pm
I'm always much too nervous to type reasonable comments during matches but let's hope he keeps going from now on.
3985  Pages / Columns / Re: Emperor Federer and the naked truth on: August 22, 2012, 08:27 am
It spoils my interest in a sport when you always have the same teams/contenders on top. To be nearly 300 weeks No. 1 or record champion in whatever sports is  due to a lack of competition and/or a one-sided  superiority. Both lead to boring matches and tournaments, in the case of tennis. This is one reason why I'm tired of seeing Fed winning and celebrating. And if this superiority, however achieved, turns into arrogance and smugness ("I would never ever climb the stands...") it will make this man even more unbearable. But I must admit the interviewer's question provoked an answer like that, didn't it.
To celebrate your victory in your own fashion cannot be right nor wrong. I can only speak for myself that Nole's puts me off a little whereas I like Tsonga's relaxed way of celebrating. Let alone Andy's, who often finds the balance between outgoing joy and modesty.
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3986  Pages / Archive: News / Re: Dismal Murray falls to Chardy on: August 18, 2012, 10:10 am
Encouraging to read all the positive comments. Yet, I can't bring myself to totally tune in . Firstly, Andy was frustrated himself, as somebody on MW observed quite rightly. His body language revealed his dissatisfaction and maybe something (weather, body) hampered him from swinging freely. I really felt with him. Secondly, he loses a lot of points (I mean it's a Masters after all, even if some of you don't consider them as important on the way to a GS title). These points are the basis of his ranking which  decides about the draw. So it's vital to stay in  the top 4. And as we all know, with the USO and the Asian swing there are a lot of points at stake. And a third remark: such a loss adds to Andy's reputation of being vulnerable in the first rounds, something that might motivate lower-ranked players the more and which gives us unnecessary nail-biting matches although we are used to them as Murray fans. But I agree completely that defeats like these are not at all a foreshadowing of the upcoming events. And it goes without saying that they do not diminish my support and belief in Andy. He is not Mr Perfect, which is one thing I like about him. What he has achieved this summer has been emotional foremost to him, (that's why he deserves time to enjoy it) and to all of us. Therefore I'm not too greedy to expect the next big thing. Though, if it happens, I'll take it as an encore.
But the good thing about Thursday's result is that I can spend the weekend outdoors as we are supposed to have temperatures above 30°.
3987  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: Cincinnati R3 : Murray v Chardy on: August 16, 2012, 08:30 pm
Extremely frustrated. It was not Chardy's brilliance in the 2nd set but Andy's lack of ...? Everything we hoped for didn't work: no first serve, no precision, no aggression, no luck. Don't want the Olympic and Cincy champion to go out like this. It hurts. And on top of it he loses so many valuable points.
3988  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: Cincinnati R3 : Murray v Chardy on: August 16, 2012, 07:44 pm
Did not really expect this nerve-wrecking rollercoaster.
3989  Pages / Archive: News / Re: Confident Murray cruises past Querrey on: August 16, 2012, 08:47 am
It was my birthday yesterday, and luckily I had a day off. Thanks to somebody on MW who posted where to find the Olympic final (which I have been searching since the 5th August), I sat down with a nice cup of tea, knowing what would come. It is so much more relaxing, yet of course not that exciting. The pictures still made me happy and the fact that you grow older forget for a while. In the evening I went eating out, and on returning I saw Andy leading 6-2 3-1. So a nice easy win rounded up a sunny day for me. Hope for more to come today. Bth, I'm glad to see all the fans eager to have his autograph. Months ago people who are only superficially interested in sports/tennis didn't even know his name. The times they are a'changing. Still not sure if they only want to jump on the bandwagon, just as they did with Roger. But certainly, Andy enjoys more being cheered on than to be ignored or blamed. I have never really believed that it doesn't bother him to face all the negative stuff that is sometimes around in the public.
3990  General Community / Sports Talk / Re: London Olympics 2012: Other sports on: August 14, 2012, 05:51 pm
First of all, I would like to say how much I loved these two weeks of Olympic sports. I am going to miss something, especially the enthusiasm around the events coming from the crowd. This was something the athletes repeatedly appreciated, including Andy. They do not often get such an immense support (think of the usual stiff Wimbledon atmo-
sphere). And a lot of these sports are no spectator sports at all. I shared the joy of every British athlete who won a medal as it contributed so much to the positive feelings of a host nation. Btw, the German supporters, journalists and athletes have all admired the volunteers' commitment and  friendliness. Not at all surprising to me, yet many people who do not know Britain well have formed  a completely new image of it.
I have to finish watching the closing ceremony as it continued long after midnight here. Indeed, some performances were a little disappointing, also some outfits.  British music is still so influential and you can name dozens of other musicians worth performing. I don't know if some of them would never play in public any longer (like Kate Bush), had not been asked or simply ignored. Yes, I could have done without One direction, found ES's voice ordinary likewise G. Michael's second song. Would have preferred some more rock music to pop, but the organizers obviously wanted to cover different periods in music, even though not all of them might have had the same  musical substance. Or is this pure nostalgia?
To cut a long story short: these were brilliant Games in a brilliant city with brilliant host. Congrats!
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