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MurraysWorld is a strictly non-profit organisation run by a group of volunteers whose contributions to the website are fuelled by their enthusiasm for tennis and for helping the community.

Keeping the website online involves the lease of server hardware. Most websites will cover this cost by advertisements but we believe this significantly lowers the quality of the website and browsing experience.

We have never and will never ask for donations. However, we ourselves are often asked how donations can be made. Therefore, if you wish to donate towards the running costs of MurraysWorld, we now have that option available and humbly accept your generosity.

All donations go entirely towards running costs of the website which are strictly limited to hardware rental costs and in some cases engineer time. The campaign goal is a dynamic projection of the year's total costs. In the unlikely scenario of donations exceeding the year’s goal, the excess will be rolled over to the following year, whereas a deficit will not.

For the sake of transparency, invoices can be provided on request.

Thank you for your support.