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46  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: US politics & the Trump era on: October 29, 2017, 10:19 am
On a somewhat related subject, I was really shocked to see Mark Halperin from MSNBC's Morning Joe has been suspended for sexual harassment. You would never imagine. He is one of my favourite political commentators and seems like such a nice guy.

This Harvey Weinstein event seems to be a genuine pivotal moment in history and feminism (the true kind). So much coming out now that it really could lead to lasting change. Even George Bush Senior has been caught in the net.

Why is it so awful to make a rude sexist remark about a woman but apparently acceptable  to watch pornography and allow young people to be a click of a button away from appalling degradation and exploitation of women and truly vulnerable members of society.  Stag nights are not exactly predicated on a respectful view of women, caged and strung up like bits of meat. The pompous politicians who seem to always be speaking "as parents of young daughters "while pontificating on harassment , might want to try protecting them from the real dark predator of our times, the Internet. But oh no that's big business and makes too much money . Much easier to feign outrage at a gross tweet by some expendable celebrity or MP. However will Gwyneth Paltrow ever recover from her ordeal ? Try asking a Syrian refugee in the back of a sex traffickers  van heading here  to sample our wonderful and unique  British values. Total and utter double standards and hypocrisy.
47  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: The reckoning on sexual misconduct on: October 21, 2017, 09:10 am
It must be terrible to be a genuine survivor of abuse but I did read an article recently by Dominic Lawson inSunday Times which said that claimants can get £1000 for just a hand on the knee or shoulder. This is described as traumatic and I suppose the controversial point I am making is that we are encouraged nowadays to over react emotionally to everything and to be stressed and traumatised 24/7.  This is in stark contrast to a Syrian refugee clinging to the underside of a lorry or an African child rape victim. Gwyneth Paltrow traumatised?  As moonglow remarked above it is a lot to do with selling headlines .
48  General Community / Chit Chat / The reckoning on sexual misconduct on: October 21, 2017, 12:14 am

Mod NoticeThis discussion was moved from the 'News thread' and made into a new topic for news related to the Weinstein effect.

Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted Hollywood aspiring actresses and it turns out everyone knew about it and did nothing for years. Now all the rich and famous are falling over themselves to tell their lurid stories. What a cesspit . Meanwhile in the real world the appalling sexual abuse of desperately vulnerable women and children continues unabated.
49  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: The future of British politics on: October 07, 2017, 08:08 pm
You voted leave didn't you. Still happy with that choice?
I did too because I was persuaded by Gisela Stewart that EU was an economic fiasco. For many months last year on the news we heard nothing but the imminent collapse of the euro and bankruptcy of Greece. Now we hear nothing at all about that. Is it all sorted ? On the basis of current news coverage it now seems uk is mad to leave. Does anybody really understand Brexit? Boogers can you explain what will happen ?
50  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: The future of British politics on: October 06, 2017, 11:48 pm
No, but it is incoherent to criticise Corbyn for not abolishing  private schools when you sent your kids there AND you say people should be left to make their own choices. If they are abolished they can't make that choice.

And if there are no private schools then all go to state schools. You recently said most state school teachers were poor, so by your own logic, most kids would have to have poor teachers. And since you say taxes should be slashed, the government would have less to spend on such public services.

So yeh, incoherent and hypocritical
only if you entirely make up what I actually said.
51  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: The future of British politics on: September 23, 2017, 11:43 am
I think it is more to do with you holding incoherent opinions and acting in a hypocritical way.
It's not incoherent or hypocritical to think that society could give every child a decent education if it wanted to and on a personal level to decide to work hard to give my own children the best start I can.  Sneer all you like but i am not ever going to feel guilty about that choice. You are a very rude person by the way. Perhaps you need to go to private school and learn some manners !
52  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: The future of British politics on: September 22, 2017, 08:32 am
yes I do think private schooling is fundamentally unfair. i also think taxes are too high.  I see you are looking at things as either left or right wing when actually it is about whether our taxes 75 billion each year are used in a sensible way by those we elect to spend it.
53  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: The future of British politics on: September 21, 2017, 06:17 pm
The SNP ranting about Westminster grabbing their power is daft as they have not used the ones they have. Any Westminster tweak made to property taxes for example is immediately copied by Holyrood. They have very few original ideas and those they have had like named persons for example have been laughed at. I would be more impressed if SNP wanted to return power to the people and not politicians. The only way to do that is reduce taxes across the board and put the choices and priorities back in the pockets of the  public.
54  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: News Articles on: September 21, 2017, 05:55 pm
That should be does retire
55  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: News Articles on: September 21, 2017, 05:54 pm
Wow amazing article. I hear more and more people respecting the Murrays so much and what they are trying to do. Simple and honest. Sport is good for all young people and they should all have a chance. If and when he dies retire Andy will be finally recognised as the shining star he is.
56  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: The future of British politics on: September 18, 2017, 01:04 am
What I don't quite understand is your own stance in this matter.  First of all you say that your own three children were privately educated and went on to be successful, yet now you're apparently slamming the very same system.  Or is this something you perhaps regret doing?

As for wanting kids to be thick, obviously nobody wants that, but if a child isn't too bright academically then he/she is likely to remain that way regardless of which educational system you choose, and by the same token, as @strider pointed out, if I child is naturally clever and wants to succeed, then that won't make any difference either, and nor should it these days when there are other learning tools  around, such as the internet, where they can get information they might not otherwise get in the classroom.  Unfortunately my own generation didn't have this facility - in fact even owning a TV wasn't the norm - although books have always been readily available in public libraries, albeit a little limited in scope in small towns and rural areas.

Before I went on to being privately educated, I spent four years at a local primary school in what was largely a 'poor' area, so I've had experience of both sides of the system. and certainly enough to know that there are good teachers and not so good teachers in both, as well as very bright pupils in state schools and some real dimbos in private schools, so do you really think that making education a one-size-fits-all system would sort this out, assuming it was even possible to create such a system in the first place?
  of course there will be brilliant kids and struggling kids in any type of school but the overwhelming evidence shows that privately schools get far better results overall than state which is why you never see them published together. This is why people like me pay huge amounts of money because they want their kids to get the best start in life.  I would very much like all kids to get the same chance. That is my stance and it baffles me why  anyone would disagree. Politicians talk about how there must be choice in education. Why? It is not a supermarket it's a school and they should all be the same high standard whoever attends and wherever they are. Faith schools don't help either.
57  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: The future of British politics on: September 14, 2017, 10:56 pm
Germany, France and Spain all have a private school system the same as here. I don't know about the other countries but I would imagine they do although the ex-communist ones probably don't.
oh well it's all ideal then silly old idealist me thinking money should have **** all to do with teaching. What the hell is wrong with you people that you are content with something so obviously wrong and unfair. Do you actually want kids to be thick?
58  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: The future of British politics on: September 14, 2017, 07:21 am
Ok but you should be angry and concerned about falling education standards in state schools. The obvious answer is to get the good teachers and facilities back from the private sector where they are mostly to be found. No other country in Europe has a two tier system like UK. where your life chances are determined by your parental financial status. It is obviously wrong. We sent three children to private school they all got first class honours degrees and all now have good jobs. All children should get these chances and I would have expected Corbyn to aspire to the abolition of private schools instead of just accepting a social divide which begins at age 5.
59  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: US politics & the Trump era on: September 14, 2017, 12:01 am
I'm guessing from BBH's complete silence on the matter that she acknowledges that there isn't an example of a socialist country that isn't also a complete and total ******* disaster area.
scandinavians pay high taxes, liberal policies and high public spending .socialist ?
60  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: The future of British politics on: September 13, 2017, 11:56 pm
The two tier system will always exist so long as there are people around who have enough money to pay for their children's education if they wish to do so.  Also not all private schools are snob establishments, something I can vouch for having been educated at one myself, and by the same token there are a lot of excellent state schools around where pupils have a high achievement level and whose pupils come from so-called middle class (hate the use of this word!) families.  In other words 'private' doesn't necessarily mean 'good', although some parents mistakenly think they'll work wonders for their not too bright children, and neither does 'state' necessarily mean 'poor'.
sorry just reading this now. There is overwhelming evidence that paying pupils get a better education. If they didn't they wouldn't pay for it. 
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