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1  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: Gaming Talk on: March 03, 2017, 06:22 pm
Hey guys, the Legacy League is starting in 1H 40 minutes!!! here's the counter:

Great time to start the game, it's free. and it's the best league to get rich.

Legacy kaom's heart 200 ex in st
Headhunter belt 110 ex in st
Legacy Shavronne's Wrappings
Legacy Soultaker
etc etc

So if you got interested dl and play   yay

2  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: Gaming Talk on: March 01, 2017, 08:00 am
Hahaha, PoE is a neverending source of lols lmao This is a convo between I_NO, who is a young girl and shagsbeard who is a middle aged mathematician after they announced the new Earthquake skill nerf:

3  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: Off-topic discussions on: March 01, 2017, 06:39 am
As a Brit, let me assure you that Christian 'tradition' (Christmas/Easter/etc) is alive and well in the UK, despite the sinister liberal left's constant attempts to destroy it all and replace it with Islam.

However, the power and involvement of the Church in the state and everyday life is, I like to think, already and continuously being massively eroded. That's a good thing. It's 2017, mate.
I see. well, our government is a coalition of Fidesz and the Christian democrats and i gotta say they made some Christianity inspired new laws which are very good imo. For example, if someone attacks an elderly person physically he gets very serious prison sentences, it's you know, protect the weak kinda thing and it works. I mean criminals think twice before trying to rob or hurt elderly people. So old people can live in peace and enjoy their pensioner days. In addition to that, we have Christian paramilitary groups who make order if there's some problem. The police are often slow and lazy when it comes to crime, but the Christian groups are very effective. If there's some criminal gang that the police doesn't care about they just make them disappear. Also, in the west these drugpushers are business as usual, here they're now frowned upon even by teenagers as losers and aliens. So Christianity has its advantages.

Or just look at Britain. What i saw from one of the clips is that there's big lethargy in those industrial cities.  People don't go to vote, they don't do anything, guy from the window said he just got out of jail, the problem of the other was that they put people in jail for little things. And this is where "socialism" or i would rather say materialism is failing. They have nothing to offer to people. In the old days the communists had it easy, they had this "equality" agenda, now there are just petty slimy corrupt criminals everywhere, there's not even anybody to point fingers at anymore.

So while many non-believers are trying to see christianity as something backward and all they know about it is anti-abortion, pedophile priests and backwardness, they can't see it for what it really is: it's white magic, it's healing energy . It inspires people to help others, fight crime, do sports, build great things...

It was like that in the old days too. Like we had to face assaults by empires which outnumbered us and stuff. Like the Turks. We needed Christianity to help us. And it was what saved western culture.  Like there was Giovanni da Capestrano. He helped us organize a christian army to defeat the Turks.

He was a great Christian hero. As a child he had to watch his father's enemies burn his castle to the ground. A real holy person, went through many big losses and hardships, and he got his justice, he defended the castle at Nándorfehérvár. My favourite band who have some Christian themes in their songs wrote a song about him and for respect they put the Italian Saltarello theme in the song. These are the English lyrics and the song:

About the triumph of Hunyadi and Capistrano at Nándorfehérvár

Christian John of Capistrano, Franciscan friar
Set out to sorrowful Hungary, hearing it's many plight
Hearing of ugly infighting and quarrels, lack of peace
Hearing how her beset people are in such a great peril
Once a stronghold, now it's made to be just a stony wreck
surrounded by foes, the defenders shed blood, they stood there 'till the death.
Famous governor of the country puts on armor and grabs a sword,
And Hunyadi led his army to relieve the beleaguered fort.
Good Hunyadi and brave Capistrano, lead our weapons,
The night either brings our triumph or we find our death here
Three grim sieges, falling soldier with a flag, (*)
Protect, my Lord, our nation!

Christian John of Capistrano, Franciscan friar
Traveling in sorrowful Hungary, he saw it's many plight,
He saw her ugly infighting, her lack of peace, and
Made the purpose of his life to help her.
He was brave, true in a battle, thousands hung on his words.
His mind was set on holy tales, and he himself was a holy friar.
Leading armies of peasants, with just a cross in his hand,
And his loyal people achived great triumph in the name of the Lord.
Good Hunyadi and brave Capistrano, lead our weapons,
The night either brings our triumph or we find our death here
Three grim sieges, falling soldier with a flag,
Protect, my Lord, our nation!
Protect, my Lord, our nation!

Wow! Could you hack and crash MW? Or is Markie too smart for that, protecting his own kiddies?
Me? haha no, and who would want to crash a small tennis site? lmao In the old days there were big hacking wars in my game because of the competition. If one clan lost a war in the game someone lost his mind and crashed the other clan's server, then the other clan did the same, then they went on to hack each other's website roflmao But then ofc the servers were made more and more stable and ofc the websites got harder to hack too as time went on, and then the game now has a small community, there are still active clans with active sites but those people are now happy to play together and have fun, no one would do hacking and stuff...

Sounds like cretinous script-kiddy stuff - so depends on if there are any unpatched vulnerabilities on SMF and the server this site is hosted on.
In every gaming community there are good programmers and script kiddies. The script kiddies have to borrow their stuff from someone first. Haha those hackers in SoF2 were hilarious. The community was so close-knit we knew each other by real life name and stuff. There were these 2 clowns named A.I.D.S. and A.I.M.Z. they were good programmers, the work they did on their aimbots was impressive, but they were 2 little drama queens at the same time lmao they were quarreling with people all day on their site, lol one day even some older guy came to their site scolding him like "Lee Robinson(<-that was aimz), you hacked my workplace e-mail blablabla and was threatening him roflmao" BTW later we got first the mousetrap then the fairplay software, ofc made by the community,  which was updated against hacks and illegal console commands.

Up until a recently you could crash MW by doing non-specific forum searches - database seems to be too large for the processing power. That's why for now it's using Google custom search and it's not been too shabby for me.

In reality almost any website can be hacked if you have a smart and determined enemy. So far so good pray
Hahaha there was an occult forum i used to read for the lols, it was getting hacked by arab hackers all the time, i guess all that Satan and witches stuff was too much for them roflmao

4  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: Off-topic discussions on: February 28, 2017, 03:10 pm
I've tried to observe this all with an aloof expression, but

 if this is really you, PPP, then haha
Well, for a foreigner i guess it's hard to understand but for us the Christian thing is a big thing.

We went through lots of hard wars, we have the "1000 year old" Christian country.

We fought the Turks for a very long time. Like there was Lajos. He got let down by the Transylvanian vajda Szapolyai... What do you think he did against the Turks who outnumbered us many times? He fought til death with his little army and died.

And then ofc the Turks got driven out slowly.  We have many great heroes we're proud of, like Dugovics Titusz, at Nándorfehérvár  he grabbed a Turk who was ready to put up the Turkish flag which would have made the turks get new power and get the victory, he instead pulled the Turkish flagbearer into the depth and sacrificed his life. This is him:

So for us Christianity is very important, i could write a book about this, maybe later :P

I was wrong about that, sorry. I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong.

But you didn't answer my other questions, about why you keep talking about Elly when she's asked you to stop..and also what do you do to scare the kiddies?
Listen, yesterday i tried some making up and getting buddies, burying the hatchet thingy but some people are bearing grudges so i'm not gonna do it again unless i'm approached.

About the kiddy scaring, i mostly scared them with hacking them. Like the old game i had the clan in had many exploits and weaknesses, you could crash servers and single clients easily. The newbie kids got very impressed when someone was crashing stuff with simple console commands they didn't know about so for example when i saw a kid wallhacking with these downloadable applications like A.I.D.S. bot i scared them i was gonna hack them and stuff, that's all..
5  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: US politics & the Trump era on: February 28, 2017, 09:25 am
This is a cool article  yay

Inside Trump's Secret Dinner, A Side of the President You Don't Ever See

There's a cool part about Farage in it too lmao
6  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: Off-topic discussions on: February 28, 2017, 08:48 am
Something to cheer up the leftie posters, this pic is from the recent Düsseldorf carnival :P

7  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: Off-topic discussions on: February 28, 2017, 07:49 am
Great news! More Tunesian muslim terrorists deported from Italy   yay

"Two men were deported from Italy to Tunisia on Saturday, one's phone number was recorded in Berlin truck bomber Anis Amri's cell phone - told the Italian Interior Ministry. Both Tunisian man suspected of supporting terrorism expelled. One of them, a 44-year-old man was transported by boat to Tunisia.  The other Tunisian expelled was member of the Islamic community operating in Perugia, according to the Italian authorities he was a drug smuggler as well. Internet the Islamic State (IA) fegyvereseinek jihadist actions hailed and wrote that wants to go to Syria to fight. He was flown back to Tunisia. After the bombings in Paris in 2015 extraordinary anti-terrorism measures introduced in Italy by the Italian Minister of the Interior may expulsion because of mere suspicion of terrorism. Since 2015 seven hundred and forty-person expelled, fifteen this year."


Lol don't these terrorists watch TV? A Pakistani guy was also deported from Italy earlier for supporting ISIS on the internet  confused

8  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: Off-topic discussions on: February 28, 2017, 07:01 am
Ha ha ha ha - nice one Aileen Smile this in response to PPP's ignorant troll ramblings
Another one line fake news post with nothing constructive to add Rolling Eyes It was NOT my ramblings, it was Scottish people's posts after a Whatley article.

The failing fake news brigade is clearly trying to provoke another fruitless spamgrind session, to disrupt this great thread. Sad.

However, the good people of MW have gotten wiser, they're not gonna go into fruitless spamgrind fests with the spreaders of fake news  yay
9  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: Off-topic discussions on: February 28, 2017, 05:09 am
PPP - Sorry to disappoint you, but I have no intention of posting on this thread again.  It was only when I read that ridiculous post that I felt the need to put matters straight.

I will though agree that Scottish culture is fascinating, but disagree with what you say about it blooming again if we get our independence, because the reality is that it has never stopped blooming and never will.
hahaha ok Aileen, then i'm glad you're reading and enjoying anyway lmao tbh i find these "don't talk to me", "i won't post here again" bourrasques a bit childish but whatever :P Anyway, you can change your mind anytime, again Very Happy

About the cultural blooming, independence always gives lots of extra to motivate blooming.

There's my country for example. Our situation was different ofc, we were under Russian occupation. And there was Church, there were archer/horse rider, folk dance groups, but today it's much much better. Beautiful project everywhere, more programs, more meetings, more of everything good.

Ofc independence has its downsides too, but since then in Russia and everywhere too.

Before, we used to have free healthcare, completely free. Kids and adults got their teeth fixed for free,  and ofc free medicine!!!!! You had to pay only if you bought something that the doc didn't prescribe.

And ofc the army was better, we had tons of jets and helis. Now most of the military airports turned into sports/public ones.

And lots of other things.

Lol one interesting detail: we didn't have banana!!!! hahaha lmao we got it only in winter but even then you had to have acquaintances in the shop to be able to get enough, people used to stand in long queues to be able to buy bananas lmao
10  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: Off-topic discussions on: February 28, 2017, 04:42 am
The fake news brigade doing a bad job today, getting worse than CNN lmao

bbh doesn't want anything to do with you either, so not sure where you get the made up, talked, and posted 'together' (she posted, you responded, she ignored.)

I meditate and I get these "white light" experiences occasionally. Again interesting and again, the mind is so powerful.

Actually, i was talking about the Kundalini light effects, she addressed me on her own. You're making stuff up, so you go in the fake news basket too sorry....

Oh dear ... lmao  I hadn't intended to post any more on here, but If ever further proof were needed that you clearly know f*ck all about Scottish history, then this has to be it.
Yes, it looks like you hadn't intended and you lost track of what was going on. Since they told me i didn't know enough about Scottish politics i looked up Scottish people's opinion about Whatley and posted it here

Why is he copying and pasting cybernat quotes sourced from the comments section of a random website?
To prove many Scots disapprove of, even hate Whatley.

My "agenda", if we can call it that, is very clear. I'm a Christian person, and i see this union as bad for Christianity both in Scotland and England. It makes it much easier for the liberals to get away with all the culture destruction, religion destruction.

Europe has to fight for its Christian roots. That's why i'm supporting the Scottish independence.

Yeah, and i personally find Scottish culture fascinating, i predict that after scotland gets its independence Scottish culture will start blooming again  yay  Bagpipes

BTW i'm happy Aileen changed her mind too, the more the merrier, cheers  partyman

11  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: Off-topic discussions on: February 27, 2017, 08:44 pm
I guess the purpose of your spamming spree was to spam my Whatley stuff out of visibility so here it is again, now good night:

"Mr Whatley you do not grasp the situation, 1707 was brought about by bullying, the Unionist arguement today is nothing but bullying."

"'Daniel Defoe led the way, in 1709' That's Daniel Defoe, the spy and traitor to Scotland , who spied for the English Parliament!
Professor Christopher Whatley - Professor of what exactly,certainly not history, more like unionist garbage. Like Daniel Defoe, peddling utter propaganda!
'overlooks though, are the patriotic Scots in parliament who genuinely favoured union' Good god, this is plainly an attempt to twist history. FACT the union was deeply unpopular with the people, which is why there were mass riots accross Scotland. Those that pushed through the act of union in parliament were in fear of their lives, only comforted by the thought of payment of gold and promises of land in England, which they never got!"

"The insidious obliteration of Scottish culture still goes on today.One little brick at a time as I have heard some say "Its not so important its just this or that"but all those little bricks make up the wall that separates us from our culture this is a Westminster thing to keep control of the people.Its about money why in the 40 years of oil and gas EXPLOITATION has the country got poorer? and the city of London got wealthier? Why are there now MORE children in poverty now than 40 years ago? Union aye if your daft enough,Independence,self-determination,by our own efforts can we lift the people of Scotland out of IGNORANCE &POVERTY. But not while we allow ourselves to be fleeced by the CHANCERS of the city.For the sake of those yet to be born stand up and realise that we will achieve nothing by this union except hunger and cold. Stand up and save the future for those Scots still to be born,show the world that we are a nation."

""Retaining Scotland's honours was crucial to winning support for Union in 18th century"
What support for the Union ? It had to be signed in secret in an Edinburgh basement, once the various signatories had been given their land titles and pots of gold in exchange for their compliance. The document was smuggled to Westminster and widespread rioting broke out in the Scottish cities when it became public knowledge.
Does the Mr. Whatley actually know the first thing about Scottish history, or is he simply trying to revise it?"

"There may be an ambitious case to be made for the Union, but the debate has been ongoing now for several months and we have seen or heard nothing of it. They could say that Scotland could have serious fiscal powers within the Union, but have refused. They could say that Scotland, in the Union, could have control of its natural resourses, but have refused. They could say that Scotlands growth would be at least the UK average, but wont discuss growth. They could say that Scotland could have a reasonable share of Broadcasting resourses but wont discuss it. They could say that Scotland would have a per capita share of Defence procurement and spending , but can only muster bluster and scares. It goes on and on, but the Britnats have made NO case for a NO vote."
12  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: Off-topic discussions on: February 27, 2017, 08:41 pm
You wish, its too late.

Having already been expelled from another forum for creating a 'wifebeater' thread, its pretty  uncomfortable for you to get exposed for trolling women on here today.
Uncomfortable???? You're just trying to make up new bs, everybody's immune to that already. Just like in the real world. Too many fake news, nobody cares.....
13  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: Off-topic discussions on: February 27, 2017, 08:26 pm
Your trolling was clearly exposed by Scotnadian and now you are pathetically trying to weasel out of it.

You mentioned bbh at 7.08 and 8.35 TODAY and you can't get out of that.
Do you think spamming the same fake news will make it real???? Jesus this is what the liberal media are doing too...


I guess you're a boring grinder in tennis too.....

14  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: Off-topic discussions on: February 27, 2017, 08:10 pm
You wish - instead your creepy trolling is thoroughly exposed.
oh, so now it's not weaseling but trolling again?

Get some coherency lessons from your master, boogers lol.....

I didn't troll, i didn't weasel, i used a figure of speech which has no units of measure and you're making a fool of yourself lol.

15  General Community / Chit Chat / Re: Off-topic discussions on: February 27, 2017, 07:59 pm
'I stopped talking about you ages ago...'

No, you utter liar - 7.08 and 8.35, TODAY!!!!!!! Busted by Scotnadian.
Fake news lol

for me that's ages ago  i just told you, tell me the unit of measure for "age" in that  figure of speech. Now you're just really trying too hard..... and you're boring again.
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