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1  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: News Articles on: February 03, 2011, 10:28 pm
There's a point I keep thinking about. I think it might have changed things radically in Murray's mind. At 6-6 in the final set tiebreak against Nadal at the O2, Andy went for a massive cross-court backhand. The point is mysteriously erased from the YouTube video of the match.

He misses by about an inch. My theory is that it was Andy's stab at greatness, at elevating himself to the impenetrable status of Nadal, at least in his own mind. Because he missed by an inch, he seemed to prove to himself that he's merely mortal. We all know that Rafa would have made that shot.

I dont remember the point itself but I can probably remember my anguished reaction to it, and others, during that tie break.

I certainly feel that the fact he lost that match despite playing some of the best and gutsiest tennis he's ever played has had a subtle but sizable affect on his belief. From what was a great performance that he should really take a heck of a lot from, a bad seed was planted.

From my painful experience, Scottish (and it may not just be Scottish but it sure as hell seems like it sometimes) sportspeople seem to stumble into a position of incredible repetition - whereby performing heroically and failing to get the ultimate result. The last centimere before victory is exponentially the hardest to cover, and much sooner rather than later Murray is going to have to overcome it while toe to toe with the top 3 in the big situations. You've captured it beautifully with reference to that point, as it will trully come down to a shot just like that. I think we all felt the Australian Open final turned fatally on that netted cross court forehand to bring up Djokovic set point in the first set. Its a shot i've seen him make emphatically so often in the past too - for some reason im able to picture dozens of examples against Roddick in particular.

Mark my words, I just think he'll do something special at Wimbledon while expectations of him hit an all time low. There might be some good odds to be had if he has a slow first half of the year  Whistle
2  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: Let's not panic on: January 31, 2011, 09:09 pm
I have always believed he will win Wimbledon, and if I was pushed I'd say he'll only do it once.

We're coming to the end of his formative years and although he has threatened to go right to the top, I feel he's come up slightly short. He is consistently part of a fairly dominant group at the top of the game, but he is seemingly the weakest or most volatile member of this elite. Hopefully the hype around him will level off and the fans and media will become more hopeful than expectant.

If this happens there is a chance he may slide away, perhaps lose an edge of motivation and belief. However, come Wimbledon time this year or next, the balance of hope and expectation, reduced pressure yet overwhelming support - might just be conducive to one of the great Scottish and British sporting achievements of a generation. And if not, the whole thing seems to always put him on a high for the US season...

For these reasons I think he'll always be in the mix for GS finals, and one of those times he'll have his day.
3  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: What can Murray achieve to keep him motivated? on: January 30, 2011, 02:02 pm
What mistakes did he make that he is capeable of correcting?

I personally didnt have much faith in Andy to win this today, so I don't blame him for any of his errors in the match itself. Im sure he prepared well, but I just didnt feel he had the form to win it.

Whatever mistakes he's made to find himself out of form he should examine, so that perhaps he peaks at the right moment in the future. The major 'mistake' he can rectify is how he reacted last year in similar circumstances (although I thought his performance in last year's final was far far less forgivable and perhaps it took him a while to forgive himself!).

I have a positive instinct that he will eventually benefit from what happened today.
4  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: What can Murray achieve to keep him motivated? on: January 30, 2011, 12:32 pm
Andy Murray has no right to be the best player in the world or even be good enough to win a grand slam. He is on the brink of greatness, and in fact there are a number of stats we could look at that would show him to be the 'best' player never to win one if he does not manage it in his career.

This is a time for a cool head, learning from mistakes, building determination and rising up to greater levels than before. And this applies to Murray and, by the look of it, some people on this board. (Except Ruthie, but especially the 'poisoncoater' clydey)

I believe he'll do it, as I always have done and so mentioned on this board years ago. I wouldnt mind if it was just once, and perhaps at Wimbledon. Onwards and upwards  w00t
5  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: Prediction: Clay Court Season on: April 15, 2010, 08:26 am

As you agreed, there is an element of what im talking about in the Scottish Psyche, and its from the same source as your perhaps overly defensive response. We'll call it small nation with a big ugly brother syndrome - and im sure everyone will know what I mean!

Of course its generalising and there are many strengths to the scottish psyche as well, our achievers tend to be especially talented and display a lot of guile - e.g. Andy Murray! I am a proud SNP supporting Scot and Im forever preaching our record of achievement and contributers from William Wallace to Stepehen Hendry - my girlfriend is sick of it!

But for all those mentioned there are hundrdeds who stood on the brow of the summit of ultimate success but never ascended - Colin Montgomerie, David Coulthard and every Scottish National Team (in ANY team sport!) are the ones ive especially endured.

Whether or not its prevelant in Murray's situation I dont know but there are some recognisable traits. He is also surrounded by a recognisable media and would be fans. Youll find as many mocking and jeering him as those who are willing to get behind him. This especially mirrors my experiences with the footballl team and you won't convince me the negativity doesnt hold them back. It holds the country back imo.

Its all about what level of success Murray will achieve and its very exciting. Aside from Chris Hoy and Stephen Hendry im not sure theres been another Scot in my lifetime with as much potential for sporting greatness - but the lines are thin and theres a small risk he wont fully recover from this slump - and I need to understand that so I can manage my fragile expectations. They were damaged pretty badly by the bombshell of realisation that Scotland will never win the world cup.
6  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: Prediction: Clay Court Season on: April 14, 2010, 10:20 pm
I just thought that the change of surface was a chance wipe the mental slate clean. It was perhaps the opportunity to unload the baggage and put everything, from the AO final onwards, behind him. I also think the challenge of playing well on clay tends to stimulate Murray, so I thought that might help re-invigorate him as well.

Apparently not.

I think I do understand the psyche of the scottish sportsman though - of scotland in general actually. Which means he's the excruciatingly frustrating self-sabotiagng type.

Its like waiting till its too late to start a piece of coursework and then rushing it at the last minute, producung quite a decent, if a little scrappy, piece of work but knowing you could've done so much better and that next time you will do better but in actual fact you'll do it exactly the same way and never learn.

Thats why I stick with what I said a year or two ago - as a fan of Murray, Id bite your hand off if you offered a single glorious grand slam win in an otherwise very topsy turvy career.

As for what will invigurate him out of this slump? Maybe it'll just take a little more time to get his head right. Maybe a drop in rankings will cajole him. Maybe a desperately bad clay court season will make him more determined. Maybe the Wimbledon pressure cooker will be the making of his season. Could also be the breaking of it I suppose. Wimbledon is the next thing im looking at as a fan - if he struggles to motivate himself there this slump becomes career threateninig. If thats sound overly dramamtic then all I mean is he could go the way of <name of a tennis player who promised much but never fulfilled it>.

Sorry I couldnt think of an example.

7  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: Prediction: Clay Court Season on: April 14, 2010, 07:03 pm
Wey Hey!  w00t
8  General Community / Andy Talk / Prediction: Clay Court Season on: April 13, 2010, 09:09 pm
Im here simply to predict that Murray will have a very strong clay court season.

Cant be sure of the results but I think we'll see him regain his energy and strength - and he should be on the crest of a wave by Wimbeldon.

I have my reasons for this belief - which i won't bother to explain. So lets see if im wrong.
9  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: WTF RR Stage - Qualification chances on: November 26, 2009, 05:53 pm
So basically it is unlikely Del Potro will qualify in place of Murray?

If Delpot wins in straight sets or as above in 3 then its him and murray through and fed out. Which is interesting and very harsh on Fed Id say!
10  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: WTF RR Stage - Qualification chances on: November 26, 2009, 05:51 pm
 Rolling Eyes
11  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: WTF RR Stage - Qualification chances on: November 26, 2009, 05:40 pm
I make it that the only way Murray will go out is if Del Potro wins in 3 sets but also wins AT LEAST 5 games more than Fed.

So if Fed only manages to win his set on a tie break Del Potro would need at least 6-3 6-3 or 6-4 6-2 or 7-5 6-2 or 7-6 6-1 in his sets to get close - i.e. he'd need 3+ breaks of serve in his winning sets.

Obviously if Fed gets his set by a standard 6-4 or 6-3 then Del Potro needs to really dominate his winning sets and break Fed 4+ times just to stand a chance.

Edit: (Im assuming set difference & games won are the criteria to split them and not head to head)
12  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: Wimbledon R4 - Murray v Wawrinka on: June 28, 2009, 04:24 pm
A repeat of their meeting at the same stage at the US Open would be enough to convince me hes going all the way this year...
13  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: MC SF - Murray vs Nadal on: April 18, 2009, 05:48 pm
Proud of Murray - very positive performance. Sky is the limit!
14  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: MC SF - Murray vs Nadal on: April 18, 2009, 05:33 pm
18 winners in a set against Nadal on clay - pretty incredible, no?
15  General Community / Andy Talk / Re: MC SF - Murray vs Nadal on: April 18, 2009, 05:31 pm
Big game here.

I fancy Andy's chances in a TB if he can keep his focus. Needs to hold though, easier said than done against this machine.  nervous

Yeah, I think Nadal will go for it here - high risk tennis (by his standards)
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