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of this human encounter.

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He'll probably have a big say in the ATP which would be good because he would be on the players' side and therefore understand the players.
As he's now won the calendar grandslam, I think he'd be offered a senior post at Wimbledon and maybe also at the US Open.
He'd be inundated with offers from Scotland and also we have to remember Judy Murray's prospective tennis centre - thing.  So since it's now 2024, this centre might be built so Andy would be asked to take a lead in this new venture.
I do think that the world's his oyster and he can choose to do anything! He's talented enough to do anything you know Smile

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From what I've read in the press I get the impression that nobody really knows what Gove is up to, the only clear thing being that it's probably no good.

Gove is unreliable and I think he should actually try to think, before he speaks.  He probably doesn't know what he's up to himself.

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I'm not exactly a massive fan of Jeremy, but Just as a slight diversion, I originally picked up on this story on RT - - but had to go to the Swiss newspapers to find a 'reliable' version, because the British media seem to have ignored this piece of news completely.

While it might not be the most prestigious award around, I'd be interested to know why it wasn't reported.  OK, I'm not so dumb that I'm unaware of Corbyn's alleged links to the IRA, and that McBride was heavily involved with the the IRA for 20 years until he resigned in 1938 after the Constitution of Ireland was enacted, and that even after that, as a barrister, he represented several Republican political prisoners until in 1946 he became disillusioned with the IRA's continued activities against the British, spent a few years as a rather unsuccessful politician, but then went on to have an illustrious career as an international human rights' activist, being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1974 and the UNESCO Silver Medal for Service in 1980.

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Bob Bryan

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Ethelbert Namplesmidt's Vauxhall Estate Landed On Pluto.

NEW WORD: Corroboration

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