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Acrostic poetry...


Yes... they're lazy thinkers on here!  lol  Lucky you being on holiday.  I'm good thanks - should be working but we are really quiet today.... the devil finds work for idle hands... Whistle
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as long as it's not the kind of work being discussed in the relationships thread... Wink
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as long as it's not the kind of work being discussed in the relationships thread... Wink

Hee hee..... naughty  
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T.V. is flooded once a year
Hopefuls line up for the judges to hear
Even the tone deaf never fail to appear
Xmas number one is their aim
Facing criticism and ridicule just for the fame
After the show, never heard from again
Chico time anyone? Whatever happened to Ben?
Talent appears every couple of years
Ordinary folks rewarded with cheers
Ready for that moment 08’s winner appears?

Next word: PANTOMIME
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Nice one Lorna clap
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Plays at Christmas time are always a bit of a do
Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella too!
Now pantos are different in a special kind of way,
The leading boy’s part, a girl will always play!
Oh and another thing if there are some ugly sisters
Men will always act the part complete with warts and blisters!
In go the families with all their kids in tow
Much amusement follows and all go out with a glow
Especially if by some magic there has been a fall of snow!

The next words should be :-


Good luck and have a Merry Xmas
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Well done!  That's really good!  clap
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Let's try and revive this thread - I'll try a rhyming acrostic for :-


Santa comes and visits, only once per year
And brings lots pf presents for every girl and boy.
Nintendo and Barbie, and dolls that shed a tear
To bring a little sunshine and have a little joy
At the darkest days and longest nights.

Celebrate the solstice of the very shortest day
Look forward to twelfth night and longer days as well
And try out the new clubs for golf's the game to play
Unless you like the cricket - on that we will not dwell -
So time to stow the decorations and douse the Xmas lights.

Next word : SUMMER
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Sweet long days of honey and wine,
Under the stars and the warm sunshine;
Mixing and melding the senses together
Moulding our instincts and minds to pleasure.
Ever the richest of seasons four,
Rippling and rolling til autumn once more.

Ooooso bad it hurts.

Next word: CHOCOLATE
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One for you Bev - CHOCOLATE

Chocolate has been made for o'er three thousand years
Historically made in Mexico by the Aztecs and their peers.
Olmecs used the seeds to make alcoholic drink
Called xocolatl - well that makes you think!
Other benefits you get is from the choc that's dark
Levels of free radicals reduce - now that will make its mark!
Aztecs were defeated by Spain who brought the chocolate back
To the delight of Spanish royalty who liked it white or black.
Europeans now enjoy the sweet and take it as a snack.

Next word :- Toreador
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