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I've just come across a website called which runs a tennis game on it, I've never played it before but it appears to be some sort of tennis 'dream team' sort of game. They have leagues there so you can compete against people of a certain group for example, so I have created a Murrays World league if anybody fancies playing and competing in it.


It looks like you simply sign up and then click on leagues and you can scroll down to the Murrays World league which you can join.

I'm not entirely sure on the game play yet, I think it's over for this year now and will start again soon for next years campaign.
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Laundry - I've tried clicking on that link a few times but all I'm getting is "Server Error (500)" on Chrome, and on IE -
 The website cannot display the page
 Most likely causes:
•The website is under maintenance.
•The website has a programming error.

Maybe if it's over for the year, then perhaps the website is under maintenance?

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