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ATP Vienna: Matchday 4


OOP hasn't been released yet, Alex. Frown

Baghdatis match is still ongoing.
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Oh ok.
I would normally be able to get the scores in at home this evening in time but internet is screwed at home, don't know if I'll be able to get online tonight.
Guess I'll have to risk missing the bus this afternoon here and do it, then get a slightly later bus.
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Okay, it's up, but some of the matches arent filled in completely. I will start the thread.

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Well we know 3/4 of the matches for tomorrow so i guess we can put up a thread and then add the Baggy/Koubek vs Hrbaty match later?

Double post as usual. Rolling Eyes Smile
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Current Standings - Matchday 4

Sir Panda- 27

dentie- 25
top_spin- 25
rafa- 25

invisibleman18- 23
ljsmall- 23

davidB- 22

rochelle- 20

wotnopimms- 18

MurrayMountain91- 15

murrays_mint- 12

Mark- 11
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