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Staffing and how to


Okay so everyone's aware that things are a bit short handed just now unfortunately. I am seeking to sort that and if people can be patient through Madrid then I promise the next tournament will be smoother.
Gangsta has got a few people lined up to fill in the gaps this week and I'll amend the rules on how many hours the threads need to be up before deadlines (with exception for late OOPs)

For those who do post and want to know how to do it, it's as easy as starting a new thread.

Once in the read the round section just click on the 'new topic' button at the top right of the screen.

If you are on for the next day try and keep an eye on the tournament site or atp for the OOP and get it up as soon as you can. The latest time should be 10-11 hours before, very rarely are the OOP not out by then. If you suddenly find you can't do the next day because you're out etc then please let an organiser know.

In subject put the tournament name and the date.

In the message box put in your 5 picks to be predicted inside

Make sure you put in the deadline and don't make that based upon when you think the matches will start as your predictions may be wrong Wink Please be sensible about deadlines though.
Also remind people to include their bankers choice.

And that's that!
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