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A Football Season In The Life Of A Murraysworld Member - 2007 Season


05/05/2007 - Game 4
Opposition: Ellerslie 2
Venue: Away
Kickoff: 1.00pm
Weather: Sunny but cool

Another very poor opposition.
Once again, as in each of the previous games, we were quickly 1-0 up inside 5 minutes, which led to them swapping keepers (for the 1st of about 5 times in the match lol). Definitely no problems getting out of the starting blocks with this team!
Before too long it was 2, then 3. The 3rd goal being my Father's favourite type of goal - a 3 touch length of the field effort. Goal kick, flicked on for the striker to run onto and finish. Too easy.
Eventually I got into the game though towards the latter part of the half. A couple of regulation catches from poor shots and 1 quite decent one on one save which unfortunately rebounded to another of their players, but fortunately our right back had got back in time to deflect his effort onto the post and we cleared it away.
Anyway 5-0 at half time and another comfortable victory sewn up.
To their credit, in the 2nd half they actually got into the game and got forward, forcing me into 1 decent save, holding onto a fierce shot to my left which I am hoping might have been caught on camera as one of the subs was taking pictures throughout and is apparently going to put them all on myspace lol I shall post any good ones here when they surface.
I was hoping for a penalty as if we got one in the 2nd half, I was going to go up and take it. I took one once before, 5 years ago in a similar situation with a game already sewn up and scored, that was my last ever goal. Thought we had one for a moment, but alas it turned out to be a free kick right on the edge of the box.
2nd half we didn't play aswell, but eventually added a 6th with about 25 minutes to play. Hatrick scorer from 2 weeks ago grabbing his 2nd hatrick of the season, albeit with the first goal being an average shot that went through the keeper's hands and the other 2 tap ins from keeper fumbles.
One guy was back after missing the first 3 games on holiday and he came on with 20 to go. He missed 4 great chances to score and was very p*ssed off afterwards. A couple of us had a good time winding him up. He is one of those guys who is never happy if he is not moaning about something lol He took one awesome shot from way out that looked in, but hit the bar and another guy nodded in the rebound. This p*ssed him off no end (roflmao)
There was time for 2 more, one of which was surely an intended cross from out wide that went over the keeper and in the top corner.

Hopefully there are a couple more teams like last week's oppostion who can give us a decent match, although looking at the results so far, there may not be. Anyway, pleasing to get the first clean sheet on the board.

Result: 8-0 Win
Personal Peformance: Sufficient. 2 good saves and a 1st clean sheet.

Edit: That penalty was not my last ever goal come to think of it. I scored 2 more later that season against the same opposition when I played the 2nd half up front due to my lack of action in the 1st half in goal lol
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Is there a league that's better than the one you play in? Hopefully next season you can play there and be more interested... lol
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Yes, it's not a top league. We have clearly been entered 3 leagues below where we should be. Apart from the opposition last week, who we should have killed off in the first half tbh, it's too easy. Given everyone else's results, it should be the away match against them to decide the league between us 2. We are already miles ahead on goal difference etc.

Gave a team 4 leagues above a good match in a pre season friendly, and held them for about 70 minutes until they brought on an ex national league player to ensure they would get the result.
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05/05/2007 - Game 5
Opposition: Onehunga Sports
Venue: Home
Kickoff: 1.00pm
Weather: Cold and windy with rain threatening at times

Pretty similar story, although we made it tougher than it was in the first half.
Playing with the advantage of a massive wind in the first half, I thought we would easily kill them game off by half time, but not so as it turned out. For the first time this season, we didn't stirke early in the first 5 minutes. We struggled early on but finally started creating a few chances and didn't finish one off until about half an hour in. After that we got on top, and scored one more very nice goal. Great cross from the left and a great header, only our 2nd headed goal of the season (and the first was only a rebound off the bar nodded into an empty net). There was time for one more, our worst player scoring his 2nd of the season following up a good save by the keeper with a tap in from the rebound. He quite enjoyed his goal again lol
Anyway, 3-0 at half time and we had made it look much harder than it should have been.
2nd half came and we struck early, with pretty much the same goal as the 2nd, cross from the same guy and a different guy headed it in. And then the floodgates opened.
It was too easy, and it's not really fun anymore. I've had action in the previous games at least and been quite busy in 2 of them, but today was the first game that I came off the field feeling like I hadn't played in. No more than a handful of touches, all from long balls or through balls, no actual save to make.

Anyway, Metro (team who beat us) somehow lost to Uni Mt Wellington (our first opposition who we beat 6-2) which means we are now back on top, miles ahead on goal difference, and the league is pretty much ours to lose from here.

If 35 goals and a goal difference of 29 in 5 games is not enough to show we are 3 divisions below where we should reasonably be, then I don't know what is.

Result: 10-0 Win
Personal Peformance: Meh. I might aswell have not played, and they still wouldn't have scored.

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I would have said well done Alex, but your performance didn't earn it lol So well done team.
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Why did the team get put in such a bad league anyway?
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lol True
2 clean sheets in a row at least.

I have to say though, I have certainly had a season in a team who was 3 division above where they should have been and we were hence on the wrong end of these scores every week. I was depressed for a whole year. Used to come home depressed and shut myself away in my room for the night just so p*ssed off. The others didn't care and just laughed it off, but I guess it's just worse when you play in goal and you're losing 10 or 12-0 every week. That season was the worst of my life, but in hindsight I certainly came out of it 2 or 3 times the player I ever was before. Just because while I may let in 10 in a game, I probably made 10 or 12 good saves too and was 'Player of the Day' pretty much every week, and I came out of it with the ability to make so many good saves I'd never made before, just because of how many I had to try and make each week.

So I guess these things even themselves out over the course of your 'playing career.' You might have a year in a team that loses 10-0 every week, but chances are some other year you might be in a different team at a different level who win 10-0 every week. Evens itself out.
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Why did the team get put in such a bad league anyway?

Dunno, we are not the first team so the club doesn't really give a sh*t about us. This team was in a similar league last year and only came mid table, I think a few new aditions this year (including yours truly Whistle) have made it too good.
Anyway the league is pretty much ours to lose now, probably only 1 key game in the return match against Metro and a draw will be enough thanks to the goal difference (there's is 20 behind ours already) and no way we will come lower than 2nd anyway, so if all goes to plan we'll get promoted and at least go up 1 next year, or maybe another 1 or 2 if the coach can force the issue (we were initially put lower this year and he got us moved!).

The club is so sh*t though. The highest fees in Auckland and mainly because most of our money goes under the table to keep good players for the first team. They even hired a "director of football" last season who used to be a coach at Leeds, and paid him a $40,000+ salary! Bare in mind this is an amateur, non-profit organisation. Basically he stayed for one year and left acrimoniously (he has even still kept the 1 key to unlock the goal posts at 1 of the training grounds as far as I know). So thanks to that, the club is pretty much f**ked. Absolutely broke, and on the verge of the first team probably exiting the top tier of leagues. There's the Northern League for first teams which goes Prem, Div 1, Div 2 and includes basically the top half of the North Island. After Div 2 it goes into just the Auckland Leagues. This club used to be one of the top premier teams and in basically the last 5 years thay have gone from that to on the verge of probable div 2 relegation this year.

Terrible club, I'm only there cos they are the closest to home. I started my playing days there and left after a couple of years. I've been at 2 others, 1 was even worse in its treatment of players, and the other was really good, but they don't have senior teams. They stop at u19s and once I was in the 1st 11 at High School, I had to finish with that club. After school I came back to this club as it was close to home and in the hope of the senior club being better than the junior. Not so however. Basically in the junior club it was "if you Father is noone, you are noone." In the senior club it's "if you are not the first team, you are noone."
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Should be a more reasonable game this coming weekend. Opposition (interestingy called Western Springs 'Choppers' lol) have had some reasonable results, sitting just behind us on 10 points (we are on 12), and just beat one of the better sides in the weekend. So hopefully be a more decent match.

There's 10 teams in the league and we have played 5 of the others now. 4 more of them to play in the first round of matches and looking at the results and the standings at least 2 of those games should be reasonable - that's this weekend, and there's also another team on 12 points, although way behind us on goal difference so they should be a match too. Possibly the 3rd of the remaining 4, Waiheke will be alright aswell, as they are on 9 and have had a couple of reasonable wins. Our 3 huge thrashings (9-1, 8-0 and 10-0) have been against the 3 worst teams each on 0, 3 and 0 points respectively (with that 3 only being a default by one of the other 2 sh*t ones in that match up), and they have goal differences of -28, -11 and -25 respectively.

So we have seemingly played the worst teams up to now, and certainly the latest opposition was by far the worst. If we can come out of the next 4 games against the better sides without a defeat, we'll be in a pretty comfortable position at the top.
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19/05/2007 - Game 6
Opposition: Western Springs 'Choppers' (they certainly were!)
Venue: Away
Kickoff: 2.45pm
Weather: Sunny

Dismal day.
As soon as he turned up, their coach came over to us smiling and said "I'm a registered ref so I'll do the whole game." Our coach was pleased enough as this would allow him to stay on the sidelines for the whole game and not have to do a half.
However, this guy did not have the usual official ref's kit, nor did he possess the flags to give linesman or any of the stuff official refs have when you see them from time to time. And from the off, it was quite clear that this guy had been to as many refereeing course as I have (ie, none). No more qualified than me. He was, to put it simply, a f***ing cheat of the highest order, but more on that later.

We started out on top for 10 minutes until disaster. They get a throw in down our end and it's seemingly a simple ball for our centre back to control and hoof it away. However he decides to let it bounce into the box and leave it for me, without giving me a call or any sort of indication this was his intention. I never had a chance to get there before their striker, and despite my best efforts, I couldn't prevent the poxy goal.
They got more on top from here, and shortly after I pulled off by far my best save of the season. Ball found one of their strikers just inside the box on the left and he struck it first time sweetly and I managed to get across and get a hand up to send it over the bar.
From here they began kicking us off the park. Every ball in the air, our players got pushed over, every time we had the ball we got chopped down. But their ref never gave us a thing. We just couldn't get into the game.
Shortly before half time they got another opening, hit the post and I flung myself down to grab the rebound and as I got it, one of their strikers got there and I took the full force of his fierce shot on the back of the leg. Agony, but the ball spilled loose and was only a couple of feet away so I managed to get onto my knees and throw myself on it before stopping play. I seriously though my leg was broken, and didn't dare try and move it. But once people arrived and someone lifted my leg and rubbed the back of it and sprayed the magic water, it was OK. Very painful, and movement was restricted, but fortunately major injury seemingly avoided.
There was time for them to double their lead with a guy coming through unchallenged for a 1 on 1.

Half time arrived and our coach had an arugment with this alleged "ref" before allowing him to continue.
2nd half was more of the same. We had most of the ball but were being absolutely kicked off the field. It was ridiculous what this "ref" was allowing to happen, yet there was nothing we could do. We could not compete with these guys physically as they were much too big. We tried our best, but finishing was off today. Hit the bar once, but apart from that never came close, and they added another couple from breakaways in the last 10 minutes.

Very disappointing result. They were shit, and just hacked and pushed us off the field and their coach of course allowed it. Our coach had another arugment with him at full time. But to be fair, we played so terrible that we would probably have lost anyway.

As for the leg, still very painful (1 long punt that reach the other keeper in the 2nd half was perhaps not advisable) and driving home was difficult given it's my right leg. But it should just be bruising and no major harm done. Won't train this week, then hopefully be alright next Saturday.

Result: 4-0 Loss
Personal Peformance: Not bad considering the result. 1 excellent save, and did alright when I could. Was left stranded by defensive errors or lack of defence for all 4 goals. I was "abandoned by the defence" in the 2nd half as our coach put it.

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They do say you have to be crazy to be a goalkeeper... No need to ask him why...
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Hmmm there is now visible evidence of the injury with some quite nasty brusing around my ankle.
Bruising is strangely positioned as it does not hurt anywhere near there, doesn't hurt to touch it or anything.
The place where it hurts, where the contact was is about 15cm above where brusing begins interestingly.
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No match this weekend, Alex? At least it give you time to recover. Smile
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Yes had a match today, not had time for a write up yet as I've been out. Will do it tomorrow.
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My apologies for not doing this yesterday as I said I would. Got caught up with assignments and completely forgot lol

26/05/2007 - Game 7
Opposition: Eastern Suburbs
Venue: Home
Kickoff: 2.45pm
Weather: Cold and rainy

We were pretty determined to come back after last week. Much of the team were carrying battle scars from that game. There was my severly bruised ankle, another similarly bruised ankle, there were gashes on legs and shins, and generally more bruises. Mine seemed to take the prize for the most painful looking in the pre match sharing of last week's visible results.
During the warm up, I managed to injure the little finger on my left hand. Not too sure what happened, just caught the ball wrong or something, it flicked it back on the way through perhaps, and it was quite sore for a little while. Didn't think it was much to worry about, pretty common thing for a keeper. Although for me, I don't usually do my fingers, but quite often do my thumbs in. Take one fierce shot wrongly and the thumb gets sprained and you know instantly it's gone for a week, won't bend etc. Not done that recently, touch wood.

So we got underway and started quite nervously, clearly not wanting things to go as they did last week. We took the lead in about the 10th minute, good shot from Afroman from outside the box, deflected past the keeper. 5 minutes later he was through again, great ball from our captain (interestingly on the right wing today for a change) down the line and Afroman beat several players when he cut in and beat the keeper. We were comfortably in control, although they did venture down our end, although didn't force me into anything too spectacular. Rain began about half way through the half. It was really nasty, came down flat and really heavy and stayed till just before half time.
15 mins to half time, we made it 3. Corner and our captain grabbed a very rare goal. From my end it looked like a pretty good volley, too powerful for the keeper to hold. However at half time he told me it was a volley, only it flicked up off his right foot, hit his left knee, and went straight at the keeper who juggled it over the line roflmao Sort of like one of those glitches in FIFA games where it just hits someone and goes straight at the goal at a million miles an hour lol
So right on half time they got down our end and a hashed clearance from our captain, which was hand-balled by one of their players on the edge of our box (but not given by our coach who was reffing this half), led to them getting a cross in, a penalty box scramble and pulling a goal back giving me no chance. So 3-1 at the break.

My little finger had got progressively sore and I couldn't understand why. Took my glove off at half time and was shocked to see the whole finger from the tip to where it hits the hand was black and blue! I did something similar to the little finger on the other hand about 6 years ago and it's never quite been the same since (although that one was at least making a good full stretch save in a game!), but this time it seemed ok to carry on.

So the 2nd half began and that nasty rain returned. We were in control and could have had a hatful, but had to settle for just the 2 more. Afroman grabbing his hatrick with a nice free kick in the final minutes. I wasn't stretched too much, couple of basic catches and stopes, and one time had to rush out of the box to clear the danger from a through ball.
We didn't play particularly well, and were lucky we got an ordinary opposition. Was good to get back to winning ways after last week though.

Result: 5-1 Win
Personal Peformance: Sufficient. Did what was asked, and nothing I could have done about the goal.

So the situation is quite interesting now. Metro who beat us 3-2 are top on 18 points. Uni Mt Wellington who were quite average when we beat them 6-2 in the very first game of the season are amazingly 2nd on 16. We thrashed them, but then they seem to have beaten everyone else. Missing a couple of players when we played them perhaps? Or did we have a good day while they had a poor one? We'll see in a few weeks when we play them again.
We are a point further back on 15 and our opposition for this weekend are level on points with us, but miles behind on goal difference. Another 2 points further back are the Choppers from last week.
So this weekend's game is massively crucial. We simply cannot afford to lose it if we want to win this league. Lose and they pull 3 clear of us while Uni Mt Wellington should win as they have a reasonably straightforward match. Metro and the Choppers are playing each other though so there has to be a chance Metro might drop points. Draw would be a good result for us there, and as they are quite similar in styles, I think it's the likely result. We have to win this one to remain in a good position around the top. If we lose, it will be quite hard to gain ground on the top teams, especially as we would have lost to 3 of the top 5. I guess thats why training was hardout today. 7-9.30 it went on! Coach knows this game is a must-win.
I'm really looking forward to it. Hope it's a good close game where I might get a reasonable chance to have some influence on the result, hopefully in our favour.

As for the finger, it was sore and bruised yesterday, but strangely the bruising is all gone now confused
I did of course make a save at full stretch with it at training which made it slightly sore again though didn't I?!
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