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A Football Season In The Life Of A Murraysworld Member - 2007 Season


11/08/2007 - Game 15
Opposition: Waiheke Island
Venue: Away
Kickoff: 1.00pm
Weather: Warm and sunny

So at last came the much anticipated trip to Waiheke Island.
Ferry leaves every 2 hours so we had to get a 10am one to be there on time. Turned up at the wharf at 9.30 and 12 of the 14 we have turned up (the other 2 were injured), plus our coach and 1 guy's girlfriend. So we took over 14 people.
It was quite a nice ferry trip. Nice big ferry with a bar and stuff, didn't rock about at all and it was a nice sunny day. Few of us went upstairs outside and took loads of photos etc. I only had my phone (didn't want to take my camera as I was a bit worried about leaving it in my bag during the game etc). Got a few pics on the phone, and I'll get others off the other guys soon and post a few up. Ferry trip took about 45 minutes.
When we got there we were met at the wharf by a handful of the opposition who then took us to the ground. From the short drive, the island looked a pretty nice place to live. Just a regular looking suburb in terms of houses, but great views and countryside.

Got to the ground and the pitch was top notch. Not ruined by the weather as you would expect at the end of the season. Ours are bogs. Spectacular setting for a game of football too. There was a big steep hill beside the ground and we had 2 hours to kill so a few of us went up there to check out the views and stuff. Took a couple of footballs up and 1 guy managed to boot one into the thick gorse, and we sent him in after it. His little screams were quite entertaining but alas he'd punctured the ball which belonged to our left back. lol

So anyway, finally time for a warmup. Had a nice lengthy warmup, which was much needed after a week without training due to the weather. Just before the game I had a go at taking a couple of penalties against a team mate. My favoured side is to place it to my right and the keepers left. Tried this and put it wide (this will become relevant later on), and then tried another one blasting it with the laces to the other side and found the bottom corner.

Onto the game then. We were quick out of the blocks and quickly took control of the game. We found ourselves 2-0 up quickly, both goals from our top scorer. They started to get a bit more possession after the first 10 minutes, and I made a good catch from an inswinging cross, and then a good one-on-one save, athough it was offside so wouldn't have counted.
We were playing some great stuff, stringing the passes together and creating something with every venture forward. By half an hour we were 4-0 up. Alas they pulled one back not long before half time. Low ball into the box from the right came through a crowded penalty area, skipped off the wet grass (it had started raining for about 10 miunutes), and went in the far corner before I saw it.
Anyway 4-1 up at half time, and that was without a doubt the best football we'd played all season. Awesome stuff.

2nd half came, and we had the wind, although didn't really create too many good openings. Until our striker found his way through one-on-one and the keeper brought him down for a penalty. So this is where my pre-match exploits become relevant. I'd been hoping for this chance sometime this season, and at 4-1 the guys called me up to take it. There was a lot of talk from the opposition, "don't worry, he's gonna miss it anyway," "it's going over the bar for sure" etc but that didn't bother me. All in good fun. So I knew all along I was going right, my favoured side to kick. I took 1 penalty once before in a similar situation, and slotted it into the right corner about 2 thirds of the way up the goal. That's what I was hoping to do again. But the keeper was quite big so I considered my tactic when faced with a penalty. Watch the eyes to work out where they are aiming and go that way. So I stared at the bottom left corner hoping to send him that way as I ran in. Fortunately it worked and he went that way. Unfortunately I'd tried to be too clever and placed it an inch wide of the post as I did pre-match. Bugger!
My mate who can't score (as I've mentioned in previous reports) still has not found the net this season and I've been winding him up for weeks saying I was going to score before he did. That was my chance.

Still, I wasn't that gutted, more embarrassed. lol
My next piece of action less than a minute later was to make probably one of my best 2 saves of the season, flying save to keep a volley out of the top conner which lifted my spirits slightly.
We finally found 1 more goal, striker rounding the keeper and finishing from a tight angle for his hatrick. He should've brought his girlfriend every week if that's how he plays with her there! lol
My mate still had time to miss an absolute sitter, probably his worst miss of the season. Ball was squared to him inside the 6 yard box for a tap in. I was celebrating for him, but unbelieveably realised the net wasn't bulging. He'd somehow conspired to put it wide. I was actually secretly pleased as I'd missed my chance to score before him. Very Happy

So we had to hang around for 2 hours after the game as we were getting the ferry back at 5pm. That was the earliest we could get as we couldn't have made the 3pm one. So had a shower then watched the next game which was the Waiheke 1st team. We had thought the opposition were going to put on some food for us, as they previously said they'd get some pizzas and drinks etc. But they did bugger all, we just had to get some drinks and crisps with money left over from the ferry tickets at the supermarket. Although to be fair, we didn't do anything for them when they came over here so probably fair enough. Anyway after the 1st team game it was back to the wharf and onto the ferry home.

All in all, a pretty nice day and it was good to go over there and see what it was like as I'd never been there before.
They also had some pretty awesome looking tennis courts at the sports ground too.

Result: 5-1 Win
Personal Peformance: Good in goal, 1 great save and solid all round. Not so flash at the other end though!

Little bit disappointed about the penalty, but ah well. Hoping for another chance. 2 games to go against 2 of the worst 3 teams. We've had 9-1 and 9-0 victories over them this season and they lose by similar scores each week. We should win comfortably so I'm hoping to get another chance. I won't hesitate to have another go if there's another penalty with the game already won. More determined to take 1 now. In the last game, if we've got it in the bag at half time I might even see if I can have the last half of the season up front to finish with a bit of fun. lol

I'll see how the pics on my phone came out and hopefully get a few from the other guys. We took a couple of nice team photos before the game so I'll get them up once I acquire them.
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Have acquired some photos from the Waiheke trip. Here are the best of what I have so far. Also posted in photos section.

On the ferry first:

Me looking a bit wind swept with our Captain on the left and Afroman (as mentioned many times in the blog, although now minus the afro) on the right:

With my goalless friend (again as mentioned in the blog):

At the ground:

Climbing the hill (again as mentioned in the blog) with our left back. You can see the club house, the pitch and some of the countryside in the background:

Group shot at the top of the hill. Afroman on the right, and the guy with the ripped jeans and guy with green jacket are 3 of the Japanese Midfield quartet. Other 2 are captain and left back again:

All kitted up:

Loving the combination of different coloured shorts and sock. The correct outfield kit is blue shorts and blue socks. 1 correctly kitted outfield player in this pic. roflmao

Noone was ready for this photo:

Not sure what was being pointed at down beside me, and no idea why I'm covering my face. lol

Team shot:

No idea why my right sleeve is pulled up in this one. Must have just taken off my gloves after warm up and not pulled it back down. lol

Another team shot with our 12th player who missed the 1st:

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Oops, been a bit slack the last 2 weeks. Here we go then.

18/08/2007 - Game 16
Opposition: Three Kings
Venue: Home
Kickoff: 1.00pm
Weather: Calm

So now the regular draw had finished, this was the first of our 3 postponed games. Hadn't played these guys since the 2nd week of the season when we thrashed them 9-1. They were 3rd bottom and results throughout the season, apart from against the 2 teams below them had been pretty much the same as our meeting with them.

Not too much to report on this game. Sadly I can't remember that much about it having waited so long to write the report, but also I don't think there was really much worth writing about.

Got given the most awful pitch and one of our club's grounds. Grass overgrown and pretty cut up and muddy. Poor conditions to play in.
Anyway we took our time to get into the game but scored around the half hour mark to take a deserved lead. To their credit they didn't roll over, and started to play quite well. I was forced into a good one on one save when one of their strikers broke through. I took the force of his sliding challenge in the shoulder in the process, leaving a few bruises, but the goal was prevented so no harm done.
Got to half time 1-0 up and coach was not pleased. These guys were muppets and we were making them look good. I had hoped the game would have been killed off by now, our captain and I were hoping to form a strike partnership for a fun 2nd half. lol

2nd half was much the same. We were on top and grabbed another couple of goals. I had the odd catch to make, nothing too spectacular but was glad to be keeping a safe clean sheet. That was until pretty much the last minute. Despite my screams of "AWAY AWAY!" our centre back tried to beat a couple of players from the edge of our penalty area, resulting in him passing a square ball to their free striker, who in turn hit the post and another player finished off the rebound. I punched the ground several times. Was extremely pissed off to have my clean sheet thrown away in that fashion.

Result: 3-1 Win
Personal Peformance: Solid. Did what was asked. Annoyed by suicide defending at the death.
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25/08/2007 - Game 17
Opposition: Ellerslie Hodgson
Venue: Home
Kickoff: 1.00pm
Weather: Calm

The 2nd of our postponed matches. 9-1 win over them last time and when they only turned up with 8 players, we expected something similar at the very least.
It didn't all go our way pre-match however. We only had 8 turn up too. The Japanese, despite being told 1 hundred times the previous week that we had a game this week, and despite saying they would be there did not turn up. When phoned they informed us that they "didn't know we had a game" and were busy doing something else. 1 guy (Tommy) who was only really a fill in anyway went back home to try and get his brother out of bed to come and play, and another turned up to keep it at 8 again. Others phoned other friends to try and get them to come.

So we had to kick off as 8 against 8 which was ridiculous. We dominated the early proceedings and scored an early goal to go 1-0 up. Corner from the right over to the far post, and headed home, albeit with a deflection by Ash, my goalless friend mentioned above. At last! 2nd to last game of the season, most of which he has been either up front or on the wing. About 20 minutes in, Tommy arrived having brought 3 others, while a few minutes later someone's friend turned up. So from then on we had enough for a couple of subs and the game was never going to be a contest.

To their credit though they never stopped trying, and I was even a little bit busy. Made a couple of pretty good one on one saves, the 2nd probably being in my top 5 saves for the season. Can't remember all the goals but one memorable one was Ash receiving the ball on the edge of the box, going past a defender on the outside and finding the far bottom corner with the left foot. 'Mr Goalscorer' had been his nickname, at last he was earning it!
Think it was 5-0 at half time. Again captain and I hoped to get a chance up front for a bit of fun in the 2nd half, but our coach was quite keen on scoring as many possible and keeping the clean sheet. And as I missed out on the latter last week I was also keen to have one this week.

So 2nd half began and it was more of the same. The goals kept coming, but they still did force me into a couple more reasonable saves. At least this week I could feel like I was earning my clean sheet.
Again, can't remember each goal but a couple of memorable ones. Right at the start of the half Ash got the ball on the left on half way, went forward into their half and spotting the keeper off his line, went for goal from fully 35-40 yards. Sailed over him and into the back of the net. He tried it once before, ironically in the previous meeting with these guys, only to hit the bar and see the rebound nodded in by one of our strikers. This time he went one better. Waited all season for 1 and now 3 come at once. And a proper hattrick at that. Head, left foot and right foot! Another memorable goal was probably the funniest I've ever seen in my life. We had a throw in down in the right hand corner. Winger took a long throw, keeper came to try and catch it and he spilled it backwards and over the line for an own goal. Wouldn't have counted if he didn't touch it as it has to be touched! roflmao

Anyway can't remember any others, but I kept count and was sure it was 10-0. But out coach was adament it was 11-0 and it's gone in on the website as 11 too. In fairness though, against 8 players it should have been 25-0.

Result: 11-0 Win
Personal Peformance: Good. Despite the result and playing against 8 players I was worked, and even made one of my better saves of the season. Pleasing for Ash to finally get off the mark, although the penalty is now all the more annoying! Pleased to have a clean sheet.

So 1 more game to go this weekend against the stronger Ellerslie side. 2-2 draw with them last time although we got screwed. 2-0 up with time pretty much up, but their ref allowed an extra 10 minutes in which they scored twice, the 2nd of which was a mile offside. Hoping for a bit of revenge.

Thanks to this victory we now have the best attack in the league and the 2nd best defence (by 1 goal). Best goal difference by far. Yet we are 5th. Poor results against the teams above us have really cost us. Victory this week will see us claim 3rd however. It should have been so much better. We are the best team in this league in terms of skill and speed. I've said that before and I still stand by it. Absolutely the best football team by a mile.

Unfortunately what we lacked was a bit of commitment once we got half way through the season and into the bad rainy cold weather. The same players stopped coming to training, and hence didn't play well when it came to matches. Simple things like their fitness had dropped, and basic passing was off etc. I've never understood how people can play for a team and have such little regard for their team-mates, and especially their coach in terms of turning up. I would only ever miss a training if I was sick in bed, or had a test at uni at the time. FFS our captain still came the week his Father died. Some of these guys just can't be arsed if it's a bit cold for their liking. If we'd had a whole season of proper commitment, plus perhaps a big mean bastard or 2 for when things got a bit physical, we would have run away with this league. No doubt about it.

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11-0 ? I alone would save more goals
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shocking Why did noone mention I'd never done the last game? People stopped reading the blog? lol
Not easy to remember now, but here we go anyway.

01/09/2007 - Game 18
Opposition: Ellerslie FIndaly
Venue: Home
Kickoff: 2.45pm
Weather: Calm

Pleasingly we got the number 1 pitch for the 2nd time this season.

So as it stood, there were 2 games to be played which were both postponed from earlier in the season.
Metro vs The Choppers with a win for Metro winning them the title. A draw or loss, winning it for Uni Mt Wellington.
A win for us would see us finish 3rd, so long as The Choppers did not win. Ellerslie could have been going for the title with a win, however dropping points the week before ended that chance.

So the game got underway, and they kicked off. Before I knew it, the ball was flying towards me. The guy had taken a shot from half way straight from the kick off, having spotted me roughly on the penalty spot, completely unawares. Fortunately as it was coming from so far away, I could back peddle and palm it down easily enough. No David Beckham Wimbledon moment here! lol  Definitely caught me by suprise though.

Anyway a few minutes into the game, their left winger broke down our right hand side, smashed the ball from fully 30 yards out, roughly in line with the corner of the penalty area and it flew in the far top corner like a bullet giving me absolutely no chance. Possibly the best goal ever scored against me, what an absolute cracker!
We got more into it after that and started to get on top. Almost immediately we were level. Unfortunately I can't remember the goal.
I wasn't tested too much for the rest of the half, other than routine catches etc.
About 15 minutes till half time, our top scorer broke through but was forced wide by a defender. Somehow from pretty much on the byline, a few yards to the left of the goal, he managed to curl it over the keeper inside the far post. Hard to explain on here, but it was one of the most extraordinary goals I've ever seen. How he scored from that angle I don't know. Kanu's winner against Chelsea a few years back when he scored a hatrick in the last 15 minutes is the best way to describe it.
We also added another before half time, again being so long ago I can't remember it exactly.

So 3-1 at half time and looking good.

Alas it wasn't to be for long. They came out firing. A couple of early saves for me kept hold of the advantage. Roughly on the hour a long ball over the half was head up in the air by our centre back, then allowed to bounce for one of them to run onto and volley it into the far corner. 5 minutes later a long ball over the top sent their striker through one on one and I made a good save with my legs, rushing out to the edge of the box. A minute later another long ball forced me rushing out to dive on just ahead of their striker. Then a long free kick led to a scramble on the edge of our box, then the guy who scored the 2nd took 1 touch to control and slammed through a crowd of players and into the bottom corner. I got close, but really didn't see the ball until it was in. I'd played well, but had conceded 3 crackers. Best 3 goals scored against us this season, probably in order from the 1st to 3rd.

It was the same as our previous meeting. That time we'd blown a 2-0 lead with time all but up to draw 2-2, albeit with the helping hand of their referee playing an extra 10 minutes and allowing a 2nd goal which was absolutely miles offside. This time with about 15 minutes to go, and them all over us I was sure we'd lose.
But all of a sudden the balance of play turned again, and we needed just one break away to score a 4th with about 10 minutes to go. It was a real exciting finish and we managed to cling on for a very satisfying and exctiting end to the season.

Result: 4-3 Win
Personal Peformance: Good. Couldn't have done anything about the 3 crackers, but did everything else asked of me.
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Season Review:

League Table:

Strange, I could have sworn The Choppers beat Uni Mt Wellington, that's why Metro had the chance to win the league (and why our 2 games were played at the end, if they didn't count towards the league they may not have been rescheduled due to the timing - ours would have counted if Ellerslie hadn't lost the previous week, it was reschedule before that game).
But the website now seems to say that Uni Mt vs The Choppers will be played 29th September. Can't work it out, maybe there was some complaint that has resulted in it having to be replayed. Wouldn't be suprised given it was The Choppers. Either way, we finish 3rd. On the one hand, disappointed as I still stand by my statement that we were the best team in this league. More commitment once we got half way through the season and we would have won it, without a doubt. In the end, the 2 games against Metro where we battered them for a game and a half and lost both, and the last 10 minutes when we got screwed by Ellerslie Findlay cost us the title.

However, I am pleased that it was those 2 teams who finished above us. The only team to beat us twice (Metro) and the only team to really out play us and earn a fully deserved victory in a game (Uni Mt Wellington). On the basis that we took only 3 points from a possible 12 in matches against those 2 and 3 of our 4 losses came against them, they are deserving of their final places ahead of us. Finishing behind Ellerslie and the Choppers as looked likely at one stage would have been an injustice pretty hard to swallow however. As it stands, we were the only side to beat Uni Mt Wellington (6-2 in the first game of the season).

Still we ended with the best attack, and 2nd best defence. 29 goals conceded from our 18 games is a reasonable record when you consider 15 of them came in our 4 losses. 14 from the other 14 games is a record I'm satisfied with. I would have liked a couple more clean sheets than the 5 I ended up with. But still 5 is just under a third of the total games so not bad. 88 goals scored in 18 games is some record! And looking at the results it seems our 9-0 over Ellerslie Hodgson early in the season is in as 8-0 so it's probably 89.
Onehunga down at the bottom don't look too flash. lol
They were pretty awful, but to be fair, they probably played much of the 2nd half of the season with 7 players as they did against us the 2nd time (we gave them 3 so it was 11 on 10 and beat them 11-0), and I do know that they defaulted their last 3 or 4, and those go in as a 3-0 loss.

Personal Peformances:

Probably give myself an 8/10 for the season, given I was solid throughout and never really made an error that cost a goal. I can remember just 1 goal where I was disappointed with the decision I made, away at Waiheke, and perhaps 1 or 2 early on where communication with the defence might have been better. Other than that, generally solid throughout, and several great saves, 1 of which was pretty close to my best ever, and another probably up there in the top 5.

Top 5 saves:

1. Away at Ellerslie Findaly. 0-0 and a scramble from a corner resulted in on of their players smashing it goalwards from almost point-blank range at the edge of the 6 yard box. I don't know how I got there, but somehow reflexes and agility let me get a strong left hand to it, and our left back cleared it away. Very close to being my best save ever, still don't know how I got a hand to it.

2. Away at Waiheke. Still red in the face having missed the penalty a minute before, they break and the ball is smashed towards the top corner with a volley from the edge of the box. I make a flying save at full stretch to parry it away. Also high on the all-time list.

3. Home vs Uni Mt Wellington. Our Captain makes a hash of a clearance inside the box and the ball is chipped goal wards towards the far post. I make a full stretch save in the air to force a corner.

4. Home vs Waiheke. Right on half time the ball is played square and hit first touch from 25 yards out. Full stretch save to keep it out of the bottom corner and parry it away for a corner.

5. Away vs Metro. Similar to number 4, Shot from the edge of the box towards the bottom corner. Got down to palm it away with my right hand.

That's it for the season long blog then. Hope 1 or 2 of you enjoyed reading it. There weren't too many posts from anyone after the first few games so I don't know if anyone really kept up with it. I've enjoyed writing it though. I'm a bit of a stats freak, so I always keep records of results and goalscorers and league tables etc each season. It's been good to write some match reports to look back on and remember incidents from games too.
Let me know whether you enjoyed reading it and whether it would be worthwhile repeating next season.
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shocking Why did noone mention I'd never done the last game? People stopped reading the blog? lol
I've been reading the blog. goodjob I never realized the season was still going on. roflmao

That's it for the season long blog then. Hope 1 or 2 of you enjoyed reading it. There weren't too many posts from anyone after the first few games so I don't know if anyone really kept up with it. I've enjoyed writing it though. I'm a bit of a stats freak, so I always keep records of results and goalscorers and league tables etc each season. It's been good to write some match reports to look back on and remember incidents from games too.
Let me know whether you enjoyed reading it and whether it would be worthwhile repeating next season.
Glad you enjoyed writing it. Smile thumb up
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Time to update on the coming season if anyone is interested. lol

So firstly my team from last year no longer exists. The coach has moved overseas with his job - been transferred to Australia. The Japanese guys were international students here for a year so have of course gone home. Another guy is out injured for year and others don't want to play anymore etc. So there's only 4 or 5 of us left who still want to play. I knew this would be happening at the end of last season as the coach told us about his job transfer and we knew the Japanese guys would be going home too. So I managed to speak to the coach of another team at the club at the end of season prize giving/dinner and he said he would be needing a keeper this season. So I had the impression that's where I'd be playing and I trained with them for a few weeks until another guy, a mate of most of the team, turned up a couple of weeks ago wanting to play in goal. So last week they chose him and I was now left with no team just 2 weeks before the season started.

With no other spot for me at the club I sent round emails to 4 different clubs who are a reasonable distance from home last week asking if there were any teams still in need of a goalkeeper. I heard back from 3 of them and have had a couple of trainings this week. Firstly on Tuesday I went to train with one team having been contacted by the club captain who told me they needed a keeper. Training went well, but then afterwards they told me they did have a guy who wanted to play in a goal but weren't sure if he wanted to play - a fact confirmed by one of guys at the end of the session. So that turned out to be a waste of time.

I went along to the 2nd one this evening at a club called University-Mt Wellington (see league table above) which went well and they want me to join. So looks like that's where I'm playing. Season starts next weekend so it's a big relief to now have somewhere having been quite worrid about missing out altogether. Ironically, this team turned out to be the Calsberg team who won our league last season (it seems I never posted the final table for last season above, they won their last game against the Choppers so won the league). We were the only team to beat them, in the very first game of the season - a fact I made sure to mention this evening. lol They have lost several players this year including apparently their goalkeeper. So it's quite good that despite coming 3rd and missing out on promotion (top 2 go up), I'll still get to go up having joined the league winners. Only problem is they seem to be sponsored by Calsberg (hence the name) and as the club's colours are also red, it might feel a bit like playing for Liverpool. lol

Anyway, if I blog the coming season again will anyone read it or is it not worth bothering?
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Forgot to add, the guy who liked to give me kick every time I got the ball also slid in with his studs up on me once. I wasn't too pleased, but managed to regather the ball ok so no harm done.
He was an arseh**e, tried to start a fight at one point when he got tackled by an awesome tackle and knocked to the floor by a guy half his height lol Moron.

Incidentally, I recognised him as soon as he turned up this evening. Only guy I remember from playing them last year. lol
He actually seemed a decent guy at training, but remembering both games last season he has a bit of a short fuse if you rile him on the pitch! lol
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Well I just read those two posts and was still awake..... lol
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Anyway, if I blog the coming season again will anyone read it or is it not worth bothering?

I'll probably read it... it's worth doing anyway, as a piece of history to look at when you've got your UEFA licences and you're a famous international football manager... Wink
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That is a good point. lol
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This has returned. lol Go Alex.  cmon yeah
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Can't believe you write so much on your matches shocking

I should have done one for my season lol
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