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A Football Season In The Life Of A Murraysworld Member - 2007 Season


Guess I just have a good memory of what goes on in the game and it's also obviously something I'm passionate about writing about. Although if you look back through the reports you'll see that the most comprehensive ones generally come within a day of the game whereas when I've left it a few days, it becomes harder to remember certain incidents.
I like to do everything the best I can so part of my post match routine would be sitting at home and analysing the match in my head. What did I do? Did I do it well? Could I have saved that one? What should I have done better? etc
Writing these reports was a big help in that.

Also with regards to writing quite a lot, that's probably largely due to being a goalkeeper. I get a view of the whole pitch and see everything that goes on. Most of the game for me (as long as I'm in a team that can compete anyway!) is more observing and organising my team mates through instructions than actually being in possession of the ball. So that's probably why I am able to analyse a match in such detail later on. I don't have exeperience to prove this but I would imagine that as a striker for example, you wouldn't really take a lot of notice of things that go on in defence and would be more focussed on where you need to be on the pitch to be an option etc. So then perhaps your post match thoughts of incidents in the match might not be as comprehensive.

Anyway as long as someone might be interested in reading it, I'll do it again.
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First game coming up on Saturday. Had my 2nd training with the new team this evening and tried my best to learn the names ahead of the first game. I expect there may be a couple of communication issues in the first game or 2 which is typical when joining a new team. lol
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