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Premiership opening weekend fixtures


Premiership opening weekend fixtures 19 August:

Arsenal v Aston Villa
Bolton v Tottenham
Chelsea v Man City
Everton v Watford
Man Utd v Fulham
Newcastle v Wigan
Portsmouth v Blackburn
Reading v Middlesbrough
Sheff Utd v Liverpool
West Ham v Charlton

Tuesday, 22 August:

Charlton v Man Utd
Middlesbrough v Chelsea
Tottenham v Sheff Utd
Watford v West Ham
Wigan v Arsenal (POSTPONED - new date TBC)

Wednesday, 23 August:

Aston Villa v Reading
Blackburn v Everton
Fulham v Bolton
Liverpool v Newcastle (POSTPONED - new date TBC)
Man City v Portsmouth

Everton V Watford and i will be going , we should win that one ,,, come on blues
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Thanks Rochelle hug
Chelsea for our second match shocking
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What a way to kick of the season.. Aston Villa.. you are gonna get THRASHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  =D> =D>
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lol we have Watford how great is that !!!!! lol
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Watford is going down!!! and maybe blackburn... but ESPECIALLY Watford!!! and honestly julia... we thrashed Aston Villa 4-1 so what do you think Arsenal could do but destroy them?

i just found out that my grandad is a spurs fan! *GASP* but he likes arsenal too...
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