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Anyone queuing for Wimbledon?


Hi All,

I'm going to queue overnight on my own for the first Monday at Wimbledon ...any tips?
Many Thanks!! k
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Hi kadarista, we have a few threads that should help you:

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You should find this post useful:

My advice....

Just to clear something up - Unlike the other Grand Slams, Wimbledon doesn't really have an "evening session." If you go in the morning, you've got tickets for the whole day until the end of play. This applies to both ground passes and show court tickets. If you go in after 6pm (I think) then the prices reduces.

If you want Show Court tickets..... ie. Centre, Number 1 Court, Number 2 Court.....

If you want Centre Court tickets, you MUST queue up overnight. Last year we joined the queue on Thursday morning at about 10am for Friday's play, this year we plan to queue from Tueday morning for Thursday's play.  Note that you'd be able to join it later than that as the queue doesn't usually start to build in high numbers until later on in the day...... however I like to be safe and be one of the first! Remember that the length does vary depending on the day, weather, who is playing etc.

Don't be put off by the sheer number of people in the queue - the first year we went I was expecting there not to be many people BUT there were THOUSANDS!

If you're camping, and you take a tent, there are left luggage cabins outside. They used to be inside the grounds but they changed it.

Lot's of people take BBQ's too..... but there are plenty of pizza places and stuff which you can use also...... just make sure you tell them which queue you are in because there are two!

If you want a ground pass.....

If you want to be in the grounds before play starts, I'd say you'd need to be in the queue for about 6am.

The queue lasts all day though....... so if you just want to go for the last couple of hours then you could do that too.


Southfields is the nearest tube station to the club NOT Wimbledon.

Parking anywhere in the area is an absolute nightmare, so if you're coming by car then I'd say park in another district and then get the train in. It's so much easier because you really can't park anywhere near the place.

Other bits

If you're in the queue the day before, you'll be put into a "holding position" until they form the proper queue. This usually happens in the evening, but don't worry, you won't lose your place. They always seem to know what time people turned up.
EDIT: this was what happened in 2005 but last year (2006) we stayed in the same position all day/night so this seems to vary year on year.

If you do turn up as early as me (!), then make sure you tell the steward that you're queueing for TOMMOROW'S play and not today  Wink

I'd say get in as early as you can. It's a really fun experience, and you can meet lots of interesting mad people!

Anyway.... hope that helps people. If there's anything else ya wanna know, feel free to ask me.

Most of all, if you're going, have a great time! I know I will Smile and don't forget to take lots of pics  Wink
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Hey thanks so much for that! Lets hope I get there early enought for show court!
cheers k!
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