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Off-season Tennis Quiz


Quiz time!

I've put together a tennis quiz. It started with supplying some questions to a departmental Christmas quiz thing and then grew from there.

I'll be posting it in sections between now and New Year's Eve. The quiz will close at midnight GMT on 14th January 2018 - that is midnight on the Sunday before the Australian Open begins. Any answers posted after that time will not be counted.

Hope people are interested and want to get involved and have a go even if they can't answer every question.

Play fair and don't use Google to do the work for you!

Feel free to post answers on the day the quiz closes or as each section is posted if you prefer. Please post all your answers in consecutive order in the same post - this might mean going back and editing the post if you want to post answers as I post each section. Once you have posted an answer to a question it will be taken as final.

Each question is worth 1 point unless otherwise stated. Some questions have multiple parts - a, b, c parts - unless otherwise stated each part is worth 1 point. Some questions have multiple answers, each correct answer will be awarded 1 point up to the stated maximum, so a question with 5 available points will have 5 answers. Even if you can't get all 5 answers post any you can do.

Hope that is all clear.

The winner(s) at the end are those with the most points. Have fun!

Part I

Literary Tennis

1. In which Shakespeare play does a gift of tennis balls anger the title character?

Henry V

2. Whose engagement is broken off in EM Forster's a Room with a View over a refusal to play tennis?

Lucy Honeychurch breaks off her engagement to Cecil Vyse.

3. Who does Virginia Woolf play doubles with in John Clarke's novel The Tournament?

Vita Sackville-West

4. A tennis party is at the centre of events in which Elizabeth Bowen novel?

The Last September

5. "We are merely the stars' tennis balls, struck and bandied/ Which way please them." Which play are these lines from?

The Duchess of Malfi

6. Who leaves his tennis shoes at Gatsby's mansion in The Great Gatsby?


7. What was the name of John Betjeman's victorious tennis opponent in his poem "A Subaltern's Love-song"?

Miss Joan Hunter Dunn

Part II

Davis Cup and Fed Cup

8. Which country defeated Great Britain 5-0 in a Davis Cup tie in 1995?


9. Davis Cup and Fed Cup are national team competitions, but sometimes it takes a special performance from one player to lift the cup. Since the introduction of the world groups in 1981 and 1995 respectively, three players have gone 8-0 in singles rubbers. Can you name the players, their country, the cup, and the year? Each answer is worth up to 4 points.

John McEnroe, USA, Davis Cup, 1982

Amelie Mauresmo, France, Fed Cup, 2003

Andy Murray, Great Britian, Davis Cup, 2015

Since writing the question CoCo Vandeweghe also achieved the same feat for the USA in the 2017 Fed Cup

10a. Which player holds the record for the longest winning streak in singles and doubles combined in Fed Cup?

Martina Navratilova

10b. How many matches did the streak last?


11. Since 1995 seven countries have achieved comebacks from being 0-2 down after the first day of a tie in Fed Cup to win a tie 3-2. Can you name each country, the opponent, and the year? Each answer is worth up to 3 points.

Australia defeated Canada 3-2, 1996 World Group II Play-off First Round in Canada

Austria defeated Australia 3-2, 1999 World Group II Main Draw First Round in Austria

Spain defeated Belgium 3-2, 2004 World Group Second Round in Spain

Russia defeated France 3-2, 2011 World Group First Round in Russia

Sweden defeated Argentina 3-2, 2013 World Group II First Round in Argentina

Russia defeated Slovakia 3-2, 2013 World Group Semifinal in Russia

France defeated Italy 3-2, 2015 World Group First Round in Italy

12. There have been 105 Davis Cup finals. Of grass, clay, carpet, and hard court, which surface has featured in the most finals?


13a. In Davis Cup which are the only two nations to have won the title on all four surfaces?

USA and France

13b. Name the only player to have played in a winning team on all four surfaces.

Stan Smith

14. Name the active player who has the longest winning streak in Davis Cup singles.

Marcos Baghdatis, whose win streak of 36 matches in Davis Cup singles ran from 2003 to 2017

15. There have been five female Davis Cup captains who have overseen Davis Cup ties. Can you name them? Answers worth up to 5 points.

Tamara Semikina, Moldova, 1995-2001

Francesca Guardigl, San Marino, 2002-2004

Farah Dayoub, Syria, 2009

Maria-Elena Gittens, Panama, 2011

Conchita Martinez, Spain, 2015-2016

16. Since the creation of the Davis Cup World Group in 1981, four countries have won the title without being seeded. Can you name them? Answers worth up to 4 points.

Croatia 2005

Serbia 2010

Switzerland 2014

Great Britian 2015

Part III

Golden Moments

17a. In which year did Steffi Graf win her 'Golden Slam'?


17b. Name the players she beat in the five finals. 1 point per correct player identified.

Evert - Australian Open

Zvereva - French Open

Navratilova - Wimbledon

Sabatini - US Open

Sabatini - Olympics

18. Name the only player to have won a 'Golden Set' at a major.

Yaroslava Shvedova against Sara Errani at Wimbledon 2012.

19. Two active umpires have completed the 'Umpire Golden Slam', who are they?

Carlos Ramos and Alison Hughes (nee Lang)

20. Name the only two players to have won the right to keep the 'Gold Racquet' having won their respective Antwerp tournaments at least three times in five years? 1 point per correct player identified.

Ivan Lendl in 1985  and Amelie Mauresmo in 2007

21. Two male singles players have completed the 'Career Golden Slam'. Who are they? Answers worth up to 2 points.

Andre Agassi and Rafa Nadal

22. Venus and Serena Williams have won a Career Golden Slam in doubles. In what order did they win it? 2 bonus points available if you also include the correct years in your answer.

1999 US Open

2000 Wimbledon

2000 Olympics, Sydney

2002 French Open

2003 Australian Open

23a. To date Andy Murray is the only male player to have won gold medals in singles in consecutive Olympics. By what score lines did he win in the finals? 2 points available.

London Olympics, 2012, 6-2 6-1 6-4

Rio Olympics, 2016, 7-5 4-6 6-2 7-5

23b. Who was the only player to take a set off him at the 2012 London Olympics?

Marcos Baghdatis

23c. Who was his first opponent at the Rio Olympics in 2016?

Viktor Troicki

24. Serena Williams won her singles gold medal at the London Olympics. How many games did she drop in the final?


25. All five of the tennis gold medals at the Rio Olympics were won by players from different countries, but which countries were they? 1 point per country.  

Men’s Singles - Great Britain

Women’s Singles - Puerto Rico

Men’s Doubles - Spain

Women’s Doubles - Russia

Mixed Doubles - USA

Part IV

Blast from the Past

26. Name the only two players to have won the US Open on all three surfaces (grass, clay, hard)

27. What illness bought an end to Suzanne Lenglen's 181 match-winning streak when she was forced to retire from a match at the US Open in 1921?  
27b. What was Lenglen's career win-loss record?

28. Between 1910 and 1914 Anthony Wilding featured in five consecutive Wimbledon finals. In which battle on the Western Front was he killed in 1915?

29. From 1934 to 1936 Fred Perry won three consecutive Wimbledon titles, what is the total number of games he lost over the three finals?
29b. Perry won two Men's Doubles and four Mixed Doubles titles, who were his winning partners? 1 point per correctly identified player, total 3 points.
29c. What year did Perry turn professional?
29d. What year did the Fred Perry brand launch?
29e. What is the brand's logo?
29f. Which tournament originally had this logo as its symbol?
29g. How many French Open finals did Perry reach?
29h. At which American university did Perry coach the tennis team in the 1940s, and was later awarded an honorary doctorate by?
30. Which British woman lost in the French Open finals in 1968 and 1969?
30b. In both matches she won the second set by what scoreline?

31. Who were the last British women to win the Grand Slam tournaments:
Australian Open
French Open
US Open
1 point per correctly indentified winner, 1 point for correctly identified year, total 8 points.

32. When Andy Murray lifted his first clay title in Munich in 2015 39 years had passed since a British man had won a clay court singles title, who was he and where did he win his clay title? 1 point for correctly identified player, 1 point for correctly idenified tournament.

33. The racquet Billie Jean King used in the 'Battle of the Sexes' recently sold at auction. What was the winning bid (in US dollars)?

34a. How many times did Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova face each other in singles matches?  
34b. Who leads the head-to-head record?

Part V

Code Violation

35. Serena Williams lost to Kim Clijsters in the SF of the 2009 US Open. During the match Serena received a penalty point for her behaviour towards a line judge who called a foot-fault on her serve. Who was the chair umpire?

36. The same umpire has been on the receiving end of insults from which Italian players?

37. Which Russian player threw coins at the umpire after a match at Wimbledon this year?

38. Who was fined 43,756 US Dollars by Wimbledon and the ITF for his behaviour at during a match at the Championships in 1995?
38b. What did his wife do after the match ended?

40. Which left-handed player was disqualified from the Australian Open in 1990?

41. Why was Goran Ivanisevic forced to retire from a match in Brighton in 2000?

42. Brydan Klein was deducted a point, and therefore lost the match, at the Nottingham Challenger in June 2017. Why did the umpire call 'Game, Set, and Match'?
42b. Who was the umpire?

43. Which umpire accused Andy Murray of having no respect for him at the 2016 Monte Carlo Masters? The same umpire would oversee the French Open final in June, while Andy would narrowly miss being defaulted in Cincinnati when he kicked a ball and it went flying towards the umpires chair.  

Part VI

Record Makers and Historic Moments

44. From 1984 to 1998, the final match in singles at the WTA Finals was played as a best-of-five sets match. During this time two players each won four titles. Who were they?

45. Who were the first players to play all or part of an official tournament match under the main court roof at the following tournaments? 3 points available.

Australian Open (Rod Laver Arena)
Wimbledon (Centre Court)
US Open (Arthur Ashe Stadium)

46. Which woman holds the Open Era record for the most singles finals appearances at Grand Slams?

47a. Name the two men's doubles players to hold the Open Era record for the most Grand Slam Doubles (men's and mixed doubles combined) titles.
47b. What number does the record currently stand at?

48. The following players are multiple Slam winners in the Open Era but they didn't win the Career Grand Slam, missing out on one of the four Slam singles titles. Which slam is each player missing? 1 point per player/slam identified.

Pete Sampras
Jimmy Connors
Ivan Lendl
Mats Wilander
Stefan Edberg
Boris Becker
John Newcombe
Monica Seles
Billie Jean King
Evonne Goolagong Cawley
Martina Hingis

49. The following players have a 100% record in finals at which slams? 1 point per player/slam identified.

Rafa Nadal
Novak Djokovic
Pete Sampras
Bjorn Borg
Andre Agassi
Stefan Edberg
Boris Becker
Monica Seles
Margaret Court

50. Who are the youngest players in the Open Era to win a slam title? 2 points.

51. Who are the oldest players in the Open Era to win a slam title? 2 points.

52. Five men and fifteen women have won at least one slam singles title without dropping a set in the Open Era. Can you name them? Up to 20 points available.

53. Aside from multiple slam titles what do Fred Perry, Bjorn Borg, Helen Jacobs, Margaret Court, Evonne Goolagong Cawley, and Chris Evert have in common?

54. How many shorts did the longest recorded rally in a tennis match last?

55. What is the longest tennis match on record?

56a. The longest Davis Cup doubles match lasted how many hours and minutes?
56b. Who were the four players?

57. The longest match on record in a Fed Cup final lasted 3 hours and 48 minutes in 2016. Who were the players, and what was the scoreline of the final set? 2 points available.

58. It took how many minutes for Steffi Graf to defeat Natasha Zvereva 6-0 6-0 at Roland Garros in the 1988 final?

59. Bernard Tomic was famously defeated in 28 minutes by which Finnish player?

60. Ivan Lendl, Sergi Bruguera, Margaret Court, Evonne Goolagong Cawley, Steffi Graf, Martina Hingis, Amelie Mauresmo, Ana Ivanovic, Kim Clijsters, Maria Sharapova, and Serena Williams all did what on their way to lifting a Grand Slam title?

61. The longest recorded tie break in tennis lasted how many points?

62. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga won the longest recorded tie break 20-18 at the Australian Open in 2007, but went on to lose the match. Who was his opponent?

63. Denisa Allertova holds the women's record for winning the longest tiebreak at the French Open, 19-17. Who was her British opponent?

64. Jimmy Connors won how many matches at the US Open?

65a. Martina Navratilova won 512 matches on which surface?
65b. What is her combined singles and doubles titles record?

66. How many consecutive finals did Ivan Lendl reach at the US Open?

67. Andy Roddick holds the record for winning the most number of games - 39 - in a final at which slam?

Part VII

Andy Murray

68a. How many singles titles has Andy won so far?
68b. For 2 bonus points, what is the breakdown of his titles?

69a. Where did Andy reach his first ATP final?
69b. Who did he face?

70a. Who did Andy defeat in the finals to win his first two ATP titles?
70b. Where did he win the titles?

71. Between turning pro in 2005 and the end of the clay season in 2008 Andy played 22 tour and Grand Slam matches on clay, how many did he win?

72. Andy has reached 4 ATP doubles finals. How many doubles titles has he won, and who was his title winning partner?

73. Andy’s first main tour wildcard was given to him by which tournament?

74. Who did Andy beat in his first ever Wimbledon match?

75. Name the three players Andy beat to reach the second week at Wimbledon for first time. 1 point per correctly identified player.

76a. Andy has reached multiple finals at all the Masters events he has won, with the exception of Rome. Aside from Rome where he has reached one final and won it, he has a 100% record in finals at which Masters tournament?
76b. At which other tournaments does he have a 100% record in finals? 1 point per correctly identified tournament.

77. To date who is the only Australian player to have beaten Andy on the main tour?

78. Andy has won a number of titles at tournaments which his former head coaches won before him. Between them, Andy and his former head coaches have won the most number of titles at which tournament?

79. Since turning pro Andy has had a total of four kit/shoe sponsors, which companies sponsored him?

80. What was the score line of the record equaling tiebreak Andy won against Kholscriber in Dubai in 2017?

81. Andy and Novak Djokovic have faced each other twice at the US Open. In both matches - 2012 final and 2014 quarter-final - there were tiebreaks. What were the score-lines of those tiebreaks? 2 points

82. How many break points did Andy have in the 2011 French Open semi-final against Rafa Nadal?

83. What happened to cause these on court confrontational moments?


* 4F1052B9-D470-4770-ABFF-048B6150B7A1.jpeg (36.37 KB. 285x214 - viewed 300 times.)


* E402A049-E8B2-415A-B000-BDC41D52FFB7.jpeg (68.65 KB. 615x409 - viewed 291 times.)


* 2F68234F-AB02-424D-852E-E8BA3CF29423.jpeg (57.72 KB. 612x391 - viewed 299 times.)


* 3A4CC1B8-8E35-403C-9E5B-0A3A20DAC944.jpeg (81.82 KB. 660x473 - viewed 332 times.)


* 2CBA7422-0D88-49D5-9602-78A4EAB742C4.png (206.42 KB. 525x446 - viewed 306 times.)


* 25BA3943-5A41-42AB-A846-9E7E1DD309DE.jpeg (65.12 KB. 768x432 - viewed 303 times.)

84. According to the ATP, despite playing less than half a season due to illness and injury,Andy still came top of which match statistic in 2017?

85a. Where did Andy reach his first semifinal at a clay tournament?
85b. Where did he win his first Master’s title on clay?

86. Andy has played Hopman Cup with which British women?

87a. Andy led Great Britain to Davis Cup victory in 2015. With which shot did he famously seal victory?
87b. Where was the final held?

88. Which of the following players has Andy not played doubles with?


89a. Andy has a 78% career win rate against left handed players on the main tour. Seven left handed players have defeated him. One of them is  Rafa Nadal, who are the other six? 1 point per correctly identified player.
89b. For up to 6 bonus points identify the tournament and the year.

90a. Name the five men Andy has defeated in finals at Queen’s Club.
90b. How many Queen’s finals has Andy won in straight sets?

91. How many games did Andy drop in each of his title winning Wimbledon finals?

92. How many times did Andy break Novak Djokovic’s serve in the 2016 French Open final?

93. How many slam finals did Andy reach before winning his first?

94a. How many sets did Andy drop on the way to winning Wimbledon in 2016?
94b. Who did he drop the sets against?

95a. Andy has reached five Australian Open finals, what year did he reach his first?
95b. In reaching those finals has Andy ever won the semi-final match in straight sets?

96. Andy ended 2016 as number one, how many matches did he win in a row to achieve that?

97. Andy is one of only two players to have beaten which other player in 2006?

98a. Where did Andy win his first Master’s title?
98b. Who did he beat in the final?

Andy holds the record for the latest match finish at Wimbledon.
99a. Which year did the match take place?
99b. What time did the match finish?
99c. Who was the opponent?

100. Before he reached number one in the world, how many weeks had Andy spent in the number two ranking?


Big Four

101. Name the players who have beaten all of the Big Four at Grand Slam tournaments - note this does not have to be at the same slam.

102. Which member of the Big Four has the best record at Grand Slam doubles?

103. Between them the Big Four have won how many:
Grand Slams
Olympic Golds
World Tour Finals

104. Along with the Big Four which three other men are the only players to have reached the semifinals of all four Grand Slam tournaments in one calendar year?

105. Since 2005 only 6 slam titles have been won by players outside the Big Four. Name the players and the tournaments. 12 points available.

106a. The Big Four dominance on Master’s titles was broken briefly in 2014 by which two players?
106b. In 2016 and 2017 which non-Big Four players won Master’s titles?
106c. Despite this dominance, there have only been three years when no one outside the Big Four won a Master’s title, what years were they?

107. How many consecutive WTF titles has Novak Djokovic won at London’s O2?

108. How many weeks have the Big Four each spent as world number one in the ATP rankings?

109a. Between them the Big Four have how many Olympic medals?
109b. What is the breakdown?

110. Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic need a second title at which slam to achieve a double career Grand Slam?

Part IX

Identify the Player

Which players do these limbs belong to?


* 76F68611-6C5B-4CAC-910D-9E1378085CBB.jpeg (34.42 KB. 393x247 - viewed 291 times.)


* 1A5086D3-A67D-41A5-8A95-1AA0BD10D6AE.jpeg (22.97 KB. 297x293 - viewed 289 times.)


* 37535DCA-44B6-4873-BABE-3797FC25D922.jpeg (99.22 KB. 1060x454 - viewed 411 times.)


* 7F1BB9F1-F71B-480B-A7D7-75756030E2AF.jpeg (530.15 KB. 1546x466 - viewed 392 times.)


* 7AACE62A-9B96-4FDB-A7C3-EB4E3B4FC1F9.jpeg (70.44 KB. 455x667 - viewed 299 times.)


* 60E97A11-AD94-4FA1-89A0-6A83BA432F1C.jpeg (25.34 KB. 205x399 - viewed 308 times.)


* 3CCF2A45-3790-48C2-99FC-9ECA23BFBCE5.jpeg (10.45 KB. 152x194 - viewed 298 times.)


* DA7814AA-8883-4954-B32C-11DFA3BF4879.jpeg (25.06 KB. 319x268 - viewed 297 times.)


* 0ECB9207-146B-47D5-8608-AC9C5D6FFF03.jpeg (90.45 KB. 527x717 - viewed 287 times.)


* 141CBD3B-E1B5-4AC9-8A8C-647ED4D3A1CA.jpeg (41.51 KB. 570x509 - viewed 312 times.)


* E5FD5A23-F481-48EB-A9D0-C906EF74EA5F.jpeg (64.39 KB. 384x626 - viewed 294 times.)


* 852BF998-444F-4A91-BA91-A3E45F28FBF0.jpeg (22.79 KB. 190x428 - viewed 280 times.)


* 07C08E46-2DEF-4E5C-82CE-340F7EF8927C.jpeg (57.12 KB. 550x787 - viewed 295 times.)


* E3CD90E1-7BF3-4F3A-80A2-20D442265DFD.jpeg (7.68 KB. 106x174 - viewed 305 times.)

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 shocking  Oh dear !  I can't answer any of them!  I think I must be so stupid! lol  atl your questions are really good, I hope someone can answer them so that we can go on to part 2 quite soon, and I probably won't be any good at part 2 either  shocking nervous
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Couldn't resist googling the Shakespeare one!   However as that particular play wasn't in the school curriculum I never read it.  Interesting scenario though.
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^  I didn't dare  google anything! lol 
But I keep wondering about question 2 - who's engagement was broken off in Room With A View because of not wanting to play tennis ......... I'm not going to google it though, I'll just keep wondering Smile
I read the book so long ago that I can't remember any of it, and even googlng it to find out who it was I was none the wiser.  Tried No.5 as well but to my shame had never even heard of the play.  I think you and I must be literary challenged!  Hopefully we'll do better in Part 2.
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I read the book so long ago that I can't remember any of it, and even googlng it to find out who it was I was none the wiser.  Tried No.5 as well but to my shame had never even heard of the play.  I think you and I must be literary challenged!

You googled that book? lol  I thought we weren't allowed to use google! Smile lol  I think I used to have Room With A View, but I have no idea where it is.

No 5 question is rather nice - maybe they come from an unknown play which Andy might have written?

I think we need some help from atl Smile
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You googled that book? lol  I thought we weren't allowed to use google! Smile lol  I think I used to have Room With A View, but I have no idea where it is.

No 5 question is rather nice - maybe they come from an unknown play which Andy might have written?

I think we need some help from atl Smile
You're not allowed to Google and then come up with the answer, so therefore doing it for your own information is OK.

I think Fiverings and blueberryhill might be good at this though, and hopefully a few others as well, because we need some fun during the off-season to keep us going!
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You're not allowed to Google and then come up with the answer, so therefore doing it for your own information is OK.

I think Fiverings and blueberryhill might be good at this though, and maybe a few others as well.

Oh ok as long as you don't answer questions having looked at Google, then yes that's all right ! Smile   Yes it's ok to look at Google - but only for yourself! lol

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Part II is up.
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