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Vliegen vs Nadal


I agree with you murraymad, i think that Lisnard was lucky. He played well, I'll give him that, a slightly lesser opponent and andy would have been able to bluff his way through but Andy was not producing good tennis. He had bizarre shot selection. Using drop shots far too much and inappropriately in order to try and shorten the points and what he ended up doing was lengthening the game. His serve was weak although his attack was solid. when Andy was behind and he concentrated he produced tennis that laughed at lisnard but when he relaxed Lisnard saw it and took advantage. I think Fleming said in the commentating that Andy's should have controlled his body language a little better cause everyone could tell exactly what he was thinking. Lisnard was clever and lucky on the day. but he had a nothing serve that Andy was all over and a shocking backhand. It was frankly disappointing that Andy didn't close him out early in the 2nd.

Oh and the point about Lisnard being able to run around all day, in a post match interview Lisnard said he was glad he was able to take the game when he did and that Murray suffered from cramp because he was beginning to feel it a bit and didn't fancy the tie break.

I recently read the telegraph and there was a large section on Andy Murray, Andy said he has learnt alot from working with Henman in the doubles and thats to concentrate more on the big points and finish them off, thats what he lacked when he played Lisnard, overall it was good Lisnard won because Murray will go into future tournaments knowing that the underdog players won't be a walk in the park. Starting with this tournament in Barcelona.

It's interesting what you have said about Lisnard also feeling tired, thats another reason why Lisnard won because he didn't show Murray he was tired if he would of then Murray would of took advantage because he is good at reading the opposition, overall it's a important lesson learnt which will be an advantage in future matches.

There was also a huge article on Andy's next coach and I regret what I said about the 70+ year old, now I think Murray should let him be his next coach because he gave us a brief encouter is to what will be expected if he was to coach Murray and I found it very useful for Murrays game, he said he wasn't one for the rally's or the physical training but the mental aspects of his game, I was very impressed in what I heared. Andy already has a physical trainer and anyone can get fitter it's the mental strength which andy needs to improve and this man has experience for overcoming matches mentally. very good I was interested =D>.
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