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Wimbledon 2012 - The Other Players


David Ferrer already has lots of non-countable points, but he's obviously enjoying winning tournaments (and of course the prize money - 64,700 euros this week).

“It has been the best season of my career, I have won five titles," said Ferrer. "I have never done this well and I am very happy for that. I work hard, I always fight every match and every year I try and improve on my game.

I am a better player than in 2007 when I won here. I work to improve my game. I don’t work to be in the Top 4. I work to be a better player and nothing else.

I think the Top 4 are amazing players, and they are better than everyone else at this moment. I don’t think about the Top 4, I think about me and the Top 10".
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