Andy Murray: Quotes

Murray's outspoken honesty has sometimes made waves in the media. Here are just a few of Andy's more-colourful quotes.

I'll be supporting anyone but England.
Murray sarcastically responding to Tim Henman and columnist Des Kelly who teased Murray about Scotland's absence from the 2006 World Cup. (06/06/06)

The journalist responsible for the World Cup comment reveals the truth.
Let me return to the topic of Andy Murray and this whole anti-English argument for what I truly hope is the last time - although I doubt it.

Some of the nonsensical criticism Britain's No 1 has received is laced with such misplaced venom and outrage that it makes me despair.

So, for the hard of thinking, let me state here that: I did the interview with Andy Murray and Tim Henman a couple of years back where Murray talked about 'supporting whoever England were playing against'.

It was a clearly a sarcastic remark. He was responding to teasing from your columnist about Scotland's absence from the 2006 World Cup and derisive laughter from the mischievous Henman.

It was reported in that context in this newspaper at the time and the exchange was run as a transcript.

A couple of days later a red-top got excited about the comments, lifted a couple of them into a 'story' that took on a life of its own and from there the truth was lost.

It is astonishing how this has run and run.

I can cry like Roger, just a shame I can't play like him.
A tearful Murray giving his speech after losing to Roger Federer in the finals of the Australian Open. (31/01/10)

Sometimes when you're young, you make some bad decisions - that wasn't one of my better ones. I wish I hadn't done it. As you get older, you learn that money is not the most important thing.
Murray expresses regret over his decision to release an autobiography. (03/09/09)

I think we both played like women in the first set.
Murray comments after beating Kenneth Carlsen at the Heineken Open. The Scot was subsequently booed by the crowd. (09/01/06)

I'm not allowed to make a joke. It is a bit unfair how I'm treated. I thought it was a joke. I got calls and messages. I would rather not to have to worry about things like that. It is disappointing.
Explaining his "played like women" comment to the media. (11/01/06)

A wallaby pooed on me, so that wasn't very nice.
On exploring Australia.

Better not say anything about that because if I do, I know I'm gonna get slighted. I'm really disappointed there's not more English people in it (laughter).
At the US Open talking about three Scottish players being named for the British Davis Cup team.

We Scots have a fierce pride in the things we do that others can never appreciate. I am the British No. 1, but I would prefer to be the British No. 1 from Scotland every time.
Speaking with The Times. (16/03/06)

You f**king c**t!
Murray's outburst aimed at the umpire in their Davis Cup clash with Serbia & Montenegro, a move that got team GB fined $2,500. (8/04/06)

As I was walking off the court, the models were waiting to go on for Ferrero's match. It's a little disappointing. Maybe I'm concentrating better in my matches than I would have later on. Tomorrow I think I'm playing on the outside court, so I'm not going to have them again. I think if I win my next one, there's a good chance that I'll be on the court with them.

On the model ball girls in ATP Madrid. (19/10/06)

I listen to him most of the time, some of the time I switch off.
On Brad Gilbert (ex-coach). (10/01/07)

The stuff that I was doing in the matches is similar to what I'd be doing if I was training this week.
Dubai tournament organisers reportedly filed a complaint to the ATP after Murray gave this explanation for his second round exit in 2010. (24/02/10)